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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Few Words of Thanks

There isn't much news--Rachel Kahan beat No. 2 seed and World No. 10 Kristina Mladenovic of France, and Denis Kudla, the No. 2 seed, was also upset at the Yucatan Cup in Mexico (see the tournament website for all results.) Ed Tseng was at the Harlem Junior Tennis Program benefit Tuesday night, and filed this report for his blog.

But as we gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude for all those who have shared their tennis lives and thoughts with me in the past few years. I've made great new friends, met inspirational young people and seen innumerable acts of kindness, all with tennis as their common denominator.

I thank you for reading, for supporting me and my sponsors, for contributing your thoughts and ideas to this blog, for doing all you can do to help grow the game of tennis. Coaches, parents, players, tournament directors, officials, agents, manufacturer reps, fans, other tennis media people, all have helped me learn and grow, sharing with me their passion for the game. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at the courts for many years to come.


tennismom said...

I also want to express my sincere thanks to you Colette and your blog . Your undying love and support of tennis is very commendable ! I look forward for more ! Thanks to Paul as well .

Pierrick said...

Hi Colette,

Just like Tennisman, I'd like to thank you too for running this very interesting, exciting, professional and insightful tennis blog. It's always a pleasure to go on it, and I appreciate the quality of your writing, the diversity of your articles as well as your daily updates. For nearly two years now, everytime I want to read good stuff about tennis, I know where to click. Please keep up your passionate interest in tennis and this wonderful blog! Merci infiniment.


Jeff said...

Colette - I also wanted to thank you this thanksgiving for the job you do with this blog. It is the first place I visit everyday on the internet. Your insight adds so much to the game.

bullfrog said...

One of the very best sites for tennis. Thanks!

tennismom aka Cindy Britton said...

You are the best! Yours and Paul's love for the game of tennis is quite evident. You have a site that is unmatched by any other and I consider you both to be a great friend as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

john said...

Happy Thanksgiving Colette ! Your blog is second to none . Thanks !!!

eric said...

Colette , you should run the USTA , We need CHANGE. More power to you and thank you !

love-tennis said...


Thanks for all that you do. Your husband is terrific as are you. I really appreciate that you are out there in person at the Supernationals and other such tournaments, giving us a hands-on viewpoint.

Have a wonderful rest of the year.

Drop Shot said...


YOu are a great source of the latest tennis news. YOu are tireless in
your desire to bring out news on competitive junior and collegiate
tennis to the tennis community. Best of luck in 2009 and Have A Happy
Holiday Season!