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Monday, May 7, 2007

USA Sweeps Through Qualifying for International Team Events

The North American/Caribbean qualifying for Junior Fed/Davis Cup (16 and under) and World Junior Competition (we need a catchier name for that) (14 and under) was held this past weekend in Montreal, and the U.S. had no trouble advancing to the finals, which for the 14s will be in the Czech Republic in early August, and for the 16s in Italy in late September.

With two of the four teams competing in each division moving on, there really wasn't much pressure for the U.S., and in three of the four round robins, it was Canada that challenged the U.S., fell short, and still qualified. The exception was the Junior Davis Cup, which saw Mexico finish second to the U.S.

The boys 14s team of Mika DeCoster, Emmett Egger and Christian Harrison won all nine matches they played, the only team to leave Canada without a loss. The other three teams--boys 16s: Frank Carleton, Alex Domijan and JT Sundling; girls 16s: Lauren Embree, Asia Muhammad and Coco Vandeweghe; girls 14s: Nicole Gibbs, Whitney Kay and Ellen Tsay--all finished 8-1. For complete results, see itftennis.com.

As several of those commenting on the teams (and many other topics in this particular post) mentioned, the competition will definitely be stiffer in Europe, and the makeup of the teams is certain to change. But congratulations to those who represented their country and assured it a spot in the world's most important junior team competition.


Anonymous said...

do you post your picture that you take at the tourments some where where every one can see

Colette Lewis said...

Only on this site. Occasionally publications will purchase a few.

Anonymous said...

do you have any more picture of coco vandeweghe