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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More on That Best-College-Team-Ever List; Many Collegians in the News

Casey Angle, the Director of Communications for the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, emailed me today with a link to this story in Inside Tennis magazine about the Top Ten College Teams of all time. If you can get by the irritating reference to that university in Palo Alto as "Stamford", the story expands on the reasons these particular teams were selected. It also includes the women's teams, although with only 25 years of NCAA championships in women's tennis, it's a lot easier to make that list.

Lots of articles on college tennis players this week with the regionals coming up on Friday.

The Gainesville Sun talks with Jesse Levine about whether he'll be back at Florida next year. (Levine is actually the only freshman in the Top Twenty, not one of two, as this article states.)

The Jackson Miss.Clarion-Ledger has this article on Robbye Poole of Ole Miss, who is considered a "trailblazer" in Oxford for being an African-American tennis player on a team that is primarily Scandinavian.

Todd Paul of Wake Forest is the subject of the USTA's college spotlight today; Georgia Rose of Northwestern was featured last week.

The Tennis Recruiting Network today has several college tennis experts previewing the upcoming NCAAs.

And finally, Carolyn McVeigh signed with Stanford,(not Stamford) according to this article from the New England section. The Stanford site doesn't contain any reference to her signing.


Austin said...

Annette Broersma seems to only know MWC and WAC teams. To honestly say UNLV could make it to Athens means she hasn't even looked at the draw. However, would be great if they did beat UCLA. Boise State possibly making a run and winning the title? Would be a great story but there are zero facts that point to that. They lost a combined 20-3 against seeded teams in the tournament.

People keep mentioning how Pepperdine only beat UGA cause of Bobusic's injury last year. He played #3 dubs and #6 singles. Pepp won at #1 and #2 dubs so they still would have won the dubs point. The match that didn't finish was 3-2 UGA in the third and I believe Flores was up a break. Even with Bobusic at #6 Altmann was playing great and who knows if he would have won that match. So take away the win at #6 for Pepp and they are still 3-3, and my money would have been on Rico winning at #2.

Anonymous said...

If Levine returns to Florida, watch out. They have Oullette and Briceno back, and are bringing in Hochwalt, Dadamo, Hamui and Corace. They will be absolutely loaded down in Gainesville.

Anonymous said...

what do you expect her to say her son plays for UNLV?

Anonymous said...

From what everyone is saying, Levine is back, so I totally agree that UF is loaded with the goods. The seniors will bring a ton of experience, they've done pretty well all year. Levine is world class and the new freshman have unbelievable talent and will provide Florida with the missing point they have needed all year. Put these guys together with a great coach like Jackson, hold on to your seats.

Any guess as to what the pre-season ranking will be?

Anonymous said...

Got my first look at Levine in college today. He's a man among boys. He's so tough on the big points. Abougzir put up a good fight in the 2nd set, up 5-4, but Levine won the final 3 games. The top of the Florida lineup is very strong. 4-6 is pretty weak, but they managed a win out of their senior Dolberg to clinch the 4-3 win against FSU. I tell you what, if they can win the doubles point against Georgia, they will be very tough to beat. If they lose the doubles point, UGA will roll at the bottom 3 slots. I think UGA would've rather seen FSU in the round of 16 than their heated rivals from Gainesville. Should be a good match and the Isner/Levine matchup will be worth the price of admission.

Anonymous said...

3 seeds out so far on the men's side, all from the ACC and a 4th, Wake Forest, is heading that way as well. I knew that conference was over rewarded. I mean, UNC getting blanked at home by NC State? They played a cupcake schedule to avoid losses, got seeded way too high and see what happens? I kept hearing the last couple weeks that the ACC, with 10 teams in, was going to be well represented in Athens, they were the new power conference in men's tennis with 5 seeded teams. Well, they'll have 3 teams there, and it's likely UVA is the only seed left. The SEC, meanwhile, has 5 teams left, with Bama knocking out Duke and Florida taking down FSU, to join LSU, Ole Miss and UGA in the final 16. The only SEC teams to lose were Auburn(to UGA) and Vandy(to LSU). SEC went 4-0 against the ACC this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure georgia is only losing isner and omerzel for next year. With Winklaar and Vitulli to replace them they should still be the favorite next year.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you can leave 2003 Illinois off that list. They were 32-0 and won both the singles and doubles titles that year, with three different players. Their *second* doubles team won the national championship! And Dan McGill said that Illinois team may have been the best team he'd ever seen. I think he would be a pretty good person to judge that.

That team had Ryler DeHeart (#1 ranked college player) and Chris Martin (#1 ranked junior recruit) alterating at #6! They also had SIX All-Americans.

The guys from that team are now ranked 65 (Delic), 177 (Ram), 268 (Wilson), 464 (DeHeart), and 521 (Stolt) on the ATP tour. That's the #5, 16, 22, 42, & 47th ranked American players currently.

Anonymous said...

From what I had heard, I thought is was unlikely that Levine returns. He said before he started at Florida that he only planned on being there one year, and I think his results this year would only help convince him to turn pro as soon as possible.