Monday, September 19, 2005

Sight Lines: A Back to Schohttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifol Plan for Development

Sight Lines: A Back to School Plan for Development~~~Official Web Site of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association ~~~

University of California - Berkley coach Peter Wright has written an OpEd piece in the recent Tennis Week magazine and although it doesn't appear on the Tennis Week website, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association has posted a pdf version of the column. To view please, see the Archived News Stories link near the bottom of the ITA home page.

Wright provides a very sensible take on the U.S.'s failure to use one of its greatest tennis assets--collegiate tennis players and facilities. Wright describes why he is hopeful that the recent collaboration between the ITA and the USTA can result in improving the climate for amateur tennis in this country. I have heard many parents complain that the USTA has had no use for juniors who expressed an interest in going to college. For everyone's sake, that needs to change, and I think Wright and his committee are providing some creative thinking to see that it does.


tennrg said...

Being involved in tennis management, and advocating that all players attend college, I welcome the article. Whether it gets cooperation from USTA is another matter. Having attended the recent ITA luncheon, one only has to listen to what Nick Bolletieri said during his speech. He called for the USTA to work with colleges and universities. Attending the luncheon were reps from USTA including the president. Let's see what transpires over the next year