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Friday, January 7, 2022

Eddie Herr 12s and 14s Finals Videos; Article on 18s USTA Winter Nationals; Health and Safety Protocols for Upcoming Les Petits As in France

I've begun the process of going through the videos of the finals from last month's tournaments in Florida, completing the 12s and 14s today. Because the finals of the 12s, 14s and 16s boys and girls are all played at the same time, the windows for recording each are small; this year the 12s did not get as much attention as I would have liked. The videos of the champions Kristina Penickova, Teodor Davidov, Rositsa Dencheva and Timofey Derepasko are embedded below. The videos of the finalists can be found by clicking on the links below:

Jordan Lee

Anita Tu 

Maxwell Exsted

Eva Oxford

The Tennis Recruiting Network's Rhiannon Potkey has posted her coverage of the USTA Winter National 18s finals here, with comments from champions Nicolas Kotzen and Piper Charney and finalists Lucas Brown and Katie Codd.

The Les Petits As tournament is back to its regular place on the calendar this year after last year's tournament was held in September, with the qualifying scheduled to begin on January 10th in Tarbes France. Today the organizers announced the health and safety protocols, which require spectators to have a Health Passport(vaccination or negative test), with the possibility that a Vaccin pass (vaccination only) will be required after January 15.

I still marvel at this line in the protocols: "A daily capacity of 2000 spectators has been granted by the authorities in strict compliance with the national sanitary protocol."

There is no other junior tournament in the world that would ever come close to drawing 2000 spectators, with the exception of the boys and girls singles finals at Wimbledon and the Kalamazoo finals.

The players from the US basically must be vaccinated to participate; from my reading of the protocols, those from the United Kingdom can not enter France regardless of their vaccination status, without a "compelling reason," and participating in a tennis tournament is not one of them.