Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Unstrung's Website; Other Odds & Ends

The documentary Unstrung, which opens Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival, now has a website where a trailer in available for viewing. Any reviews, however short, from someone who has seen it are welcome.

I've enjoyed reading all the comments lately about the 1991 birth year (actually, I'm not comfortable with using birth years as labels, but I can't figure out a better alternative) players. One of the more recent additions to this list of standouts, Lawrence Formentera, warranted a thorough story in the Los Angeles Times, after his Easter Bowl win.

The Desert Sun wrote about Rhyne Williams' win in the ITF boys division. And the Knoxville News Sentinel gave us a chance to read up on Nick Wood's win in the 12s at Delray Beach.


Anonymous said...

Colette- you win the Easter Bowl in junior reporting. 6-0, 6-0. Great seeing you again.

Anonymous said...

Colette ,

You did it again. Great reporting ! Thanks a million for you unconditional support, and detailed and great reports on junior tennis. I look forward for more, and more power to you !

Anonymous said...

yeahhh colette, we love you!

Anonymous said...

check out the great review "unstrung" got!