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Friday, April 6, 2007

Hot Shots

Tennis Magazine's March issue contained a feature entitled Hot Shots. Vania King and Sam Querrey didn't make the final edit apparently, but their stories are featured now on the tennis.com website as "Web Exclusives." With the Carson tournament coming up, I think back to the first International Spring Championships, in 2005, when Querrey and King won titles while commuting from their homes. My story for zootennis is here.

The tennis.com story on Querrey is here, and it's fitting that it contains reference to a Davis Cup and Andy Roddick. During Roddick's win today over Spain's Verdasco, which gave the U.S. a 2-0 lead, I caught a glimpse of Querrey and Donald Young cheering Roddick on from the team bench.

King's story doesn't mention her singing talent or her willingness to scoop ice cream for the media, which is what she was doing when I saw her last month. I had heard that she was working a bit with Eliot Teltscher, and was no longer being coached by Ray Ruffels, so I asked her about it while she scooped ice cream for me. She said it was a temporary arrangement with Teltscher, for the Sony Ericsson only, although there was a possibility it may continue.