Monday, December 26, 2005

Juniors: 2005 Year in Review:: usta.com

Juniors: 2005 Year in Review~~~

I've watched a lot of tennis the past five weeks and loved every minute of it (well, that's probably an exaggeration--when there are disputes over line calls, being a spectator can be unpleasant), but I haven't had the down time to labor over a year-end review that the professional tennis press indulges in this time of year.

I do plan on doing another "Most Intriguing Junior Tennis Questions" installment (for my 2005 version, click here,) but I'm happy to have Sally Milano of the USTA do the U.S. junior roundup for 2005. I don't think everybody's year was "amazing,"-- I'd confine that adjective to JT Sundling and Jack Sock-- but there are many notable achievements listed in her story.

Once I'm back home with more time to devote to web-surfing, I might run across other stories that will prompt me to comment on 2005, but with arguably no off-season for junior tennis (the first ITF Grade A of 2006 started today), time for reflection is scarce.