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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Honor Roll

December 2005

  • Rhyne Williams
    14s Junior Orange Bowl
  • Christian Harrison
    12s Junior Orange Bowl
  • Emmett Egger
    12s Eddie Herr International

    September 2005

  • Alex Clayton & Donald Young (dbls)
    Grade A U.S. Open

    August 2005

  • Donald Young
    18s USTA National
  • Nate Schnugg
    16s USTA National
  • JT Sundling
    14s USTA National
  • Jack Sock
    12s USTA National

    July 2005

  • Alex Clayton
    18s USTA Clay Court
  • Tyler Hochwalt
    16s USTA Clay Court
  • JT Sundling
    14s USTA Clay Court
  • Jack Sock
    12s USTA Clay Court
  • Jesse Levine & Michael Shabaz (dbls)
    Grade A Wimbledon

    May 2005

  • Carsten Ball (dbls)
    (currently playing as Australian)
    ITF Grade 1 Astrid Bowl

    April 2005

  • Sam Querrey
    ITF Grade B1 Easter Bowl
  • Dylan Arnould & Marcus Fugate (dbls)
    ITF Grade B1 Easter Bowl
  • Will Guzick
    16s USTA Easter Bowl
  • JT Sundling
    14s USTA Easter Bowl
  • Jack Sock
    12s USTA Spring Nationals
  • Sam Querrey
    ITF Grade 1 International Spring
  • Holden Seguso (dbls)
    ITF Grade 1 International Spring
  • Dennis Nevolo
    16s ITF Grade 1 International Spring

    March 2005

  • Marcus Fugate
    Luxilon Cup
  • Clint Bowles
    18s USTA Spring Nationals
  • Kellen Damico
    ITF Grade 1 Genting Malaysian International

    February 2005

  • Chase Buchanan
    European Tennis Association's Les Petits As
  • Chase Buchanan & Lazare Kukhalashvili
    ETA Les Petits As (dbls)

    January 2005

  • Justin Kronauge
    18s USTA Winter Nationals
  • Steve Forman
    16s USTA Winter Nationals
  • Chase Buchanan
    14s USTA Winter Nationals
  • Jack Sock
    12s USTA Winter Nationals
  • Donald Young
    ITF Grade A Casablanca Cup
  • Carsten Ball (currently playing as Australian)
    ITF Grade 1 Loy Yang Victorian
  • Tim Neilly & Tim Smyczek
    ITF Grade 1 Australian Hard Courts (dbls)
  • Chris Chirico
    ITF Grade 1 Copa Aero Republica (dbls)
  • Lazare Kukhalashvili (currently playing as Georgian)
    Teen Tennis International
  • Devin Britton & Ryan Harrison
    Teen Tennis International (dbls)
  • Donald Young
    Grade A Australian Open