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Monday, April 16, 2018

Easter Bowl 12s and 14s Photos and Videos

Below are photos of all the Easter Bowl singles semifinalists and doubles finalists in the 12s and 14s divisions. Videos of the 14s boys and girls finals and of the two 12s champions are also included, with links to videos of the 12s finalists.  My recap for the Tennis Recruiting Network is available here.

Indian Wells Tennis Garden, site of Easter Bowl 12s & 14s Finals
Brooklyn Olson 12s semifinalist

Elisabeth Dunac 12s third place
Stephanie Yakoff 12s finalist
Clervie Ngounoue 12s champion
Meecah Bigun 12s semifinalist
Alexander Frusina 12s third place
Raghav Jangbahadur 12s finalist
Rudy Quan 12s champion
Natalia Perez, Brooklyn Olson (finalists), Stephanie Yakoff, Clervie Ngounoue (champions)
Nicholas Mangiapane, Andrew Salu (champions) Adhithya Ganesan, Maxim Michaels (finalists)
Alexandra Torre 14s semifinalist
Reese Brantmeier 14s third place
Sophie Williams 14s finalist
Eleana Yu 14s champion
Jiaxi Ma 14s semifinalist
Evan Wen 14s third place
Samir Banerjee 14s finalist
Bruno Kuzuhara 14s champion
Anushka Khune, Tomi Main (finalists) Kate Sharabura, Ann Guerry (champions)
Evan Wen, Samir Banerjee (finalists) Isaac Smith, Alexander Karman (champions) 

Video of B12s finalist Raghav Hangbahadur: https://youtu.be/QoScQ5plX60

Video of G12s finalist Stephanie Yakoff https://youtu.be/yKojrsvSRdQ