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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reviewing ITF Junior Circuit Changes for 2015

Back in January, I noted several of the major changes to the ITF Junior Circuit rules and regulations, but I want to go into a bit more detail on these changes before the spring junior tennis season is in full swing.

The full pdf of this year's ITF Junior Rules and Regulations can be found here, with the changes from 2014 underlined.  Some are wording clarification, while others are more administrative. The items below, with the page number where it can be found proceeding the change, are what I consider to be most important, but it is not meant to be a comprehensive review.

Page 15: After many years at 550 and 350, the ATP and WTA rankings for direct entry into the main draw of the junior slam (or any tournament, but rarely used outside slams) are now less restrictive. Beginning this year, a player ranked ATP 750 or better and WTA 400 or better on the Monday prior to the entry deadline will be given a place in the main draw.

A place is qualifying is guaranteed to those 751-850 ATP and 401-500 WTA. The 500 cutoff for giris the same as it had been, but the boys previously cut off at 750.

Page 20: No sign-in for Grade 1 tournaments

Page 24: Players with ATP and WTA rankings added to lucky loser pool

Page 29: Chair umpire required for all Grade 1 matches*; chair umpire required for final in Grades 4 and 5

Page 32: Four balls now the minimum for Grade 1 tournaments

Page 37: Ball change at 11 and 13 games for Grade A tournaments

Page 66: Extreme weather conditions update

Appendix P: Data rights

* I had initially thought this new requirement that all matches at Grade 1 tournaments be chaired would apply to the B1 Easter Bowl and Pan American Closed, but in reading the regulations again, it appears Grade B1s are not subject to this new regulation.