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Monday, January 6, 2014

Junior Orange Bowl Slideshow, Videos Plus Additional Eddie Herr Videos

The temperature in Kalamazoo is currently eight degrees below zero, the wind chill is -30, and there are 18 inches of snow blowing around, so today seemed like a good day to stay inside and remember the gorgeous weather in Florida last month, while I processed the photos and videos from the Junior Orange Bowl. With these photos and videos processed, coverage of the major junior tournaments in the Florida swing is now complete. For a quick review of all the Eddie Herr, Orange Bowl and Junior Orange Bowl champions, see my December Aces column for the Tennis Recruiting Network.

The videos of the Junior Orange Bowl champions are below. Videos of the finalists can be found by clicking on their names. Four additional videos from the Eddie Herr, of the 18s finalists and the boys 14s and 16s finalists are also now up on the TennisKalamazoo YouTube channel.

The Eddie Herr slideshow and videos can be found here. The Orange Bowl slideshow and videos are here.

Marketa Vondrousova

Alex de Minaur

Anastasia Potapova

Wojciech Marek

Eddie Herr finalists:

Andrey Rublev

Sandra Samir

Yunseong Chung

Patrick Kypson


Jon from Tampa said...

Its amazing what 'wins' in the girls 12s. I challenge anyone to watch that video of the girl who won the G12s at the Orange Bowl and not shake their head. She taps ball after ball back and the other player can not put anything away. And her serve? Seriously?

another view said...

It's really not that amazing when you consider that they are 11 and 12 year old kids with immature bodies and little physical strength. That's what wins in 12s, so that's what kids do.

Many of the best kids will adapt their games as they get bigger, and some won't. But at that age, it's what works for most players.

Plus, hitting hard or having clean strokes isn't all there is to being a good tennis player--far from it. Those kids are obviously great athletes, great competitors, and great tacticians. Anybody that is playing 12s orange bowl is going to be one of the elite tennis players in the world for that age group.

love-tennis said...

I also wonder about some of the 'big' hitters in the age 12's group. I saw one of them play in Alpharetta last year. That child creamed the ball--I was amazed that a little kid could hit it that hard. I then read this year (recently) about how this same player "plays through the pain" of her body. Should you really be playing through the pain at 12 years old? Yikes, what's going to happen to your body at age 16?