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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Qualifying Complete, Main Draw Starts Thursday at ITA All-American Championships

Just a quick post to recognize the qualifiers at the ITA All American Championships, which begin Thursday. I will be providing live coverage from the St. Francis Men's All American Championships here in Tulsa, the Riviera Women's All American Championships are in Pacific Palisades, California.

Three players have already won six matches in the women's tournament, with North Carolina freshmen Hayley Carter and Jamie Loeb getting through both pre-qualifying and qualifying to reach the main draw, as has UCLA's Chanelle Van Nguyen. The five other women's qualifiers are: Brianna Morgan, Florida; Cristina Stancu, Texas A&M; Beatrice Capra, Duke; Lorraine Guillermo, Pepperdine; Maria Belaya, William and Mary.

Preseason No. 1 Sabrina Santamaria of Southern Cal is not in the draw due to an ankle injury, so UCLA's Robin Anderson is the top seed, with Georgia's Lauren Herring the second seed.   With Santamaria and Kaitlyn Christian not playing, Georgia's Kate Fuller and Silvia Garcia are the top doubles seeds.

Ken Thomas will be providing coverage of the women's tournament via radiotennis.com.

See the draws and results from today at the ITA tournament website.

The men's tournament has 16 qualifiers in a 64 field (women are 8 of 32), and none of them are from pre-qualifying.  Texas has two qualifiers, freshman George Goldhoff and junior Lloyd Glasspool, as does Texas A&M, with sophomores Shane Vinsant and Harrison Adams, and USC, with senior Michael Grant and junior Jonny Wang earning their way into the main draw. North Carolina's Ronnie Schneider and Goldhoff are the only two freshmen in the draw, not including Mackenzie McDonald, who received a wild card.  The other nine qualifiers: Joran Vliegen, East Carolina; Austin Smith, Georgia; Arturs Kazijevs, SMU; Clay Thompson, UCLA; Adam Lee, Wake Forest; Axel Alvarez, Oklahoma; Daniil Proskura, Alabama; Austin Powell, NC State; Benjamin Lock, Florida State.

The qualifiers will be playing two matches again on Thursday, as they did today, with the first and second of singles (and the first round of doubles) scheduled.(Correction: there was only one round of qualifying matches on Wednesday).

Two lucky losers also made it into the draw: Florida's Florent Diep and Duke's Raphael Hemmeler.  Alex Domijan of Virginia, the defending champion, would have been the No. 2 seed, but due to the death of his aunt, he withdrew.

Mikelis Libietis of Tennessee is the top seed in both singles and doubles (with Hunter Reese). 2012 finalist Peter Kobelt of Ohio State is the No. 2 seed.

For the draws and results, along with a link to live scoring, see the ITA tournament website.


more wondering said...

In past years, Tulsa has had live video. What happened to it? Also, where is Gage Brymer (UCLA)?

Brent said...

Looking forward to the official kickoff of the college season. Wish I could get to Tulsa for a couple of days. A bunch of interesting matchups in the draw. My predictions are as follows...

1 Libietis over Mkrtchian
Goldhoff over Bettles
Andrews over 11 Mihov
Webb over Lee
Sarkissian over 6 Scholtz
Lenz over Hess-Olesen
Shane over 15 Wagland
Schneider over McLachlan
3 Lipman over Grant
Hemmeler over Lin
12 Frank over McDonald
Santos over Simpson
7 Sarmiento over Vinsant
Alvarez over Thompson
14 Hiltzik over Matias
Saba over Kazijevs
Johnson over Lied
9 Efferding over Austin
Pasha over Contini
5 Giron over Glasspool
Smith over Morrissey
16 Styslinger over Redlicki
Adams over Stropp
4 Bogaerts over Proskura
Alcorta over Piro
Quiroz over 10 DeKlerk
Powell over Reese
8 Hess-Olesen over Lock
Silverman over Diep
13 Pradella over Vliegen
Ignat over Spinosa
2 Kobelt over Wang

1 Libietis over Goldhoff
Andrews over Webb
Sarkissian over Lenz
Schneider over Shane
3 Lipman over Hemmeler
12 Frank over Santos
7 Sarmiento over Alvarez
14 Hiltzik over Saba
9 Efferding over Johnson
5 Giron over Pasha
16 Styslinger over Smith
Adams over 4 Bogaerts
Quiroz over Alcorta
8 Hess-Olesen over Powell
13 Pradella over Silverman
2 Kobelt over Ignat

1 Libietis over Andrews
Schneider over Sarkissian
12 Frank over 3 Lipman
7 Sarmiento over 14 Hiltzik
5 Giron over 9 Schneider
Adams over 16 Styslinger
Quiroz over 8 Hess-Olesen
2 Kobelt over 13 Pradella

1 Libietis over Schneider
7 Sarmiento over 12 Frank
5 Giron over Adams
2 Kobelt over Quiroz

7 Sarmiento over 1 Libietis
5 Giron over 2 Kobelt

5 Giron over 7 Sarmiento

Riviera tennis said...

Morgan, Carter and Capra steamrolled through qualifying. Add in Loeb and these qualifiers are likely better than most of the seeds.

What a tough draw for Robin Anderson. She gets moved up to the #1 seed. As a result, she faces Morgan, first round. Then, the winner of that match likely plays Capra in the quarters. The semifinal match for the winner will likely be easier than some of the earlier matches. I could certainly see Loeb making a deep run in the bottom half of the draw.

College Fan said...

Based off recent futures play, including wins over Jenkins and Novikov, it's hard to pick against Giron.

I would say that the other potential winners are Libietis and Kobelt, because of their "big" games. Also, Frank because he does Mitchell Frank things. That's supposed to be a compliment.

I rate Sarmiento lower. Even though he can play with anyone, has he ever had a big run at an individual event?

Also, interested to see if Wagland has made the step up to the next level. He has the potential to be one of the top guys.