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Friday, August 19, 2011

USTA Announces US Open Junior Wild Cards

The USTA released the names of the six boys and eight girls who have received wild cards into the US Open junior championships. Two more boys wild cards will be named later. I know Spencer Newman, who won the backdraw at Kalamazoo, was hoping to receive an invitation to compete in New York.

The boys and their ages:
JC Aragone, 16
Gage Brymer, 16
Luca Corinteli, 16
Connor Farren, 16
Dennis Novikov, 17
Ronnie Schneider, 16

The girls and their ages:
Hayley Carter, 16
Samantha Crawford, 16
Krista Hardebeck, 16
Liz Jeukeng, 15
Allie Kiick, 16
Peggy Porter, 16
Taylor Townsend, 15
Sachia Vickery, 16

The qualifying wild cards were also announced.

There were four boys and six girls given junior qualifying wild cards, meaning two additional boys wild cards have been reserved.

Jennifer Brady
Catherine Harrison
Hannah King
Jamie Loeb
Denise Starr
Yuki Ito (Japan)

Nikko Madregallejo
Michael Redlicki
Noah Rubin
Shotaro Goto (Japan)