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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wild Cards For USTA National Championships Announced

Below are the additional wild cards for the Nationals in August. I posted the Kalamazoo wild cards last night.

Girls 18:
Robin Anderson
Hayley Carter
Gabrielle DeSimone
Julia Elbaba
Liz Jeukeng
Skylar Morton
Sabrina Santamaria
Denise Starr
Ellen Tsay
Monica Turewicz
Chanelle Van Nguyen
Sachia Vickery

Girls 16:
Yuki Asami
Emma Davis
Ellie Halbauer
Caroline Henderson
Adrienne Jensen
Brianna Lashway
Alyssa Smith
Carolyn Xie

Girls 14:
Emerald Able
Andie Daniell
Sofia Kenin
Brooke Lashway
Ndindi Ndunda
Amber Policare
Sai Keerthi Rachavelpula

Girls 12:
Nada Dimovska
Charlotte Owensby
Regina Pitts

Boys 14:
William Blumberg
Cole Davis
Brandon Holt
Martin Joyce
Tommy Paul
Oliver Sec

Boys 12:
Connor Hance
Boris Kozlov


Brent said...

Now that we've seen the wild cards, any surprises for folks who are passing on Kalamazoo?

Jenny Austin said...


In college tennis the rule always used to be that, in order to stay eligible, you couldn't play in any team where people are paid to compete, even if you don't accept money yourself. But I noticed that Trice Capra is playing WTT for the Philadelphia Freedoms. Is the rule different these days or has she turned pro ?

Colette Lewis said...

@Jenny Austin:
That rule was changed recently.