Sunday, July 31, 2011

Defending Champion Sock Top Seed in Kalamazoo; Farren No. 1 in 16s

The draws have not yet been posted but these are the seeds for Kalamazoo, which begins with 18s play on Friday. (Note: Draws are now available at ustaboys.com)


1. Connor Farren
2. Ronnie Schneider
3. Noah Rubin
4. Luca Corinteli
5. Gage Brymer
6. Nikko Madregallejo
7. TJ Pura
8. George Goldhoff
9. Spencer Papa
10. Yale Goldberg
11. Gregory Garcia
12. Martin Redlicki
13. JC Aragone
14. Grant Solomon
15. Thai Kwiatkowski
16. Edward Covalschi
17. Trey Daniel
18. Elliott Orkin
19. Roy Lederman
20. Tyler Gardiner
21. Robbie Bellamy
22. Jack Murray
23. Daniel Kerznerman
24, Stefan Menichella
25. Garrett Auproux
26. Ciro Riccardi
27. Nicholas Crystal
28. Quentin Monaghan
29. Ognjen Samardzic
30. Henry Craig
31. Paul Oosterbaan
32. Stephen Watson

1. Jack Sock
2. Mitchell Frank
3. Bjorn Fratangelo
4. Marcos Giron
5. Dennis Novikov
6. Shane Vinsant
7. Mitchell Krueger
8. Alexios Halebian
9. Mac Styslinger
10. Emmett Egger
11. Brett Clark
12. Gordon Watson
13. Zack McCourt
14. Spencer Newman
15. Austin Smith
16. Dane Webb
17. Anthony Tsodikov
18. Christopher Haworth
19. Robert Stineman
20. Michael Redlicki
21. Hunter Reese
22. Andrew Adams
23. Hunter Callahan
24. Danny Riggs
25. Anthony Delcore
26. Harrison Adams
27. Christian Harrison
28. Mitchell Polnet
29. Junior Ore
30. Nick Chappell
31. Gonzales Austin
32. Eric Johnson


Barry M said...

16's looks very weak compared to the 18's. Has Harrison played a junior tourney this year? What merit is his seed based on? Practicing with his brother? Jack Sock will win again. Don't see anybody in the draw who can even get a set off him

USAalltheway said...

A big question for Sock is if he can deal with the pressure. He is the prohibitive favorite and it's his best chance to play in the US Open. A lot of players who have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Brent said...

Not sure the 'pressure' will be all that new to Sock. That is the beauty of the strategy of playing in your own age division almost all the way up. He was the prohibitive favorite in Kzoo two years ago in 16s (think he was ranked #1 in the 18s at the time) and withstood the Fratangelo challenge before he got sick in the finals against Austin. Was probably the favorite last year as well (even though while seeded #3) and took it home. So, no guarantee he is used to doing it but he has a lot more experience playing in events that he is expected to win than most of the best young American guys have had over the last few years.

USAalltheway said...


I look for this to hold mostly to form so here's my predictions:
Sock over Halebian
Giron over Novikov
Harrison(dark horse) over Vinsant
Frank over Krueger

Sock over Giron
Frank over Harrison

Sock over Frank in straigh sets

Anyone have any thoughts? I haven't seen everyone in a long time and some not at all.

tennismom said...

Harrison has ATP points - this is why he is seeded at Zoo...
USAalltheway, I think you are under-estimating Frantangelo and Ore Jr. How come they are not in the mix? Are you saying that the winner of RG (first US boy in 17 years!) and 800 ATP ranked does not count? You are wrong....
I have vested interest in the top part of the draw so I am not commenting on it....
But the bottom part's SF prediction is Frantangelo / Frank.

USAalltheway said...

reply to tennis mom:
I am not discounting Frantangelo or Ore. I expect them to meet with Frantangelo winning. Just picking Harrison to upset him. I applaud Frantangelo for the French, but that's not hard courts. IMO it's time for Harrison to start showing some of his tallent.
We'll see if either of us is right. That's why they play the game and why we watch.

tennis said...

there is 0 chance harrison gets this far, and absolutely will not upset fratangelo. no chance. fratangelo and frank are the only people in the draw that can honestly give sock a match assuming that sock doesn't pull a major choke. in terms of actually tennis skill in this tournament, it goes sock, fratangelo, frank, then a huge gap, then the rest of the field.

USAalltheway said...

tennis mom,
According to you, they should just not even play any other matches.
I really don't understand your "assuming that sock doesn't pull a major choke". When is the last time he "choked" and has the easiest draw.
Like I said, we'll see.
Good luck to your vested interest at the top. Can't see anyone there getting by Sock, but...
Would actually be interesting to see Frantangelo and Sock. The reigning French and US Open Jr winners
I'll still take Sock

Why the Doubt said...

Everyone who's doubting the likes of Jack Sock,

This is Jack Sock we're talking about. Do you have ANY idea how many gold balls this kid has? In like legit, every age group. He didn't just jump up and assume he was better then everyone. This guy dominated everyone for a long time, and then got injured. And when he came back, it's like he never left. And not just at the lower level. He's clearly shown he can compete internationally and at the professional level as well. I don't understand. If he had a resume, it would blow you away with all the achievements he's accomplished (both as a favorite and underdog). Granted, he might lose. I'm not saying he's guaranteed to win Kzoo. But, I do think you're not quite giving him enough pressure in respect to what he has done thus far.

And to tennismom,

"there is 0 chance harrison gets this far, and absolutely will not upset fratangelo. no chance. " That's a bold statement, sounds more personal than anything. How can you say "0 chance?" There's always a slim chance, and Christian is a very good competitor, I wouldn't put it past him to get some good wins. And besides that, do you watch him practice/play consistently? (I don't know, maybe you do). But if you don't, then it's incredibly rude to just completely undermine someone like him without having proper knowledge.

tennismom said...


Just to clarify - this was NOT even my comment.... This discussion is out of control....

First, you, guys, ask if anybody else has predictions.... And next you put people down for posting one.....

Jack Sock and B Frantangelo already proved that they are the champs... The rest of the draw (as capable & talented as they are !!!!) still have to work hard to get there.

Thanks for your postings!

P.S. A few of you need to learn "Netiquette" before posting your next message.

Brent said...

18s predictions as follows...

Round of 256

MATCH OF THE ROUND: Withrow over Shane takes it over Rinaldi over Mudge, and Efferding over Scholnick

Round of 128
1 Sock over Cox
Ansari over Sabacinski
17 Tsodikov over Spector
Sidney over Koch
10 Egger over Pearce
Naumann over Welte
24 Riggs over Patrick
Aguilar over Revzin
8 Halebian over Siegel
Simon over Berman
26 H.Adams over Wood
Matias over Acaba
14 Newman over Woog
Freuh over Minavi
30 Chappell over Ball
Rinaldi over Damrongsri
4 Giron over Ho
Mays over Kennedy
19 Stineman over Willenborg
I. Van Cott over QD Nguyen
12 Watson over Richmond
Brown over Riechmann
21 Reese over Steinroeder
Patton over Johns
5 Novikov over Segur
A. Van Cott over Dorn
28 Polnet over Yee
Guignon over Hiltzik
16 Webb over McCall
Levine over Montoya
Daigle over 32 Johnson
Efferding over G.Gordon
Kwok over Bloom
Petrone over 18 Haworth
Kumar over Chamerski
9 Styslinger over Chaffee
Hirschberg over Goertz
Mkrtchian over 22 A.Adams
Withrow over Mahlangu
6 Vinsant over Hudlow
Kupinski over Rivers
27 Harrison over Schnur
Bauer over Cotrone
13 McCourt over Karl
Krumholz over Vancura
29 Ore over Niquet
Wang over Hu
3 Fratangelo over Jones
Doehring over Barnhart
20 Redlicki over Pecht
Cullimore over Caputo
Fickey over 11 Clark
Paige over Leonard
23 Callahan over Narayana
Murphy over Yaraghi
7 Krueger over Lawson
Kay over Neuner
25 Delcore over Hundal
Irizarry over Saleh
15 A.Smith over Nguyen
Trinh over Nath
31 Austin over Court
Nelson over Todd
2 Frank over Strobel

MATCH OF THE ROUND: 12 Watson over Richmond looks the most intriguing, followed by a list of strong candidates including Daigle over 32 Johnson, Mkrtchian over 22 A.Adams, 13 McCourt over Karl, Fickey over 11 Clark, 23 Callahan over Narayana, Petrone over 18 Haworth, and 25 Delcore over Hundal.

Brent said...

18s predictions (continued)...

Round of 64
1 Sock over Ansari
17 Tsodikov over Sidney
10 Egger over Naumann
24 Riggs over Aguilar
8 Halebian over Simon
Matias over 26 H.Adams
14 Newman over Freuh
Rinaldi over 30 Chappell
4 Giron over Mays
19 Stineman over I.Van Cott
12 Watson over Brown
21 Reese over Patton
5 Novikov over A. Van Cott
28 Polnet over Guignon
16 Webb over Levine
Efferding over Daigle
Petrone over Kwok
9 Styslinger over Kumar
Mkrtchian over Hirschberg
Withrow over 6 Vinsant
27 Harrison over Kupinski
13 McCourt over Bauer
29 Ore over Krumholz
3 Fratangelo over Wang
20 Redlicki over Doehring
Fickey over Cullimore
Paige over 23 Callahan
7 Krueger over Murphy
25 Delcore over Kay
15 A. Smith over Irizarry
31 Austin over Trinh
2 Frank over Nelson

MATCH OF THE ROUND: Withrow over 6 Vinsant, followed by Rinaldi over 30 Chappell, 10 Egger over Naumann, 4 Giron over Mays, 28 Polnet over Guignon, Efferding over Daigle, Petrone over Kwok, and Paige over 23 Callahan

Round of 32
1 Sock over 17 Tsodikov
10 Egger over 24 Riggs
8 Halebian over Matias
Rinaldi over 14 Newman
4 Giron over 19 Stineman
12 Watson over 21 Reese
5 Novikov over 28 Polnet
16 Webb over Efferding
Petrone over 9 Styslinger
Mkrtchian over Withrow
27 Harrison over 13 McCourt
3 Fratangelo over 29 Ore
20 Redlicki over Fickey
Paige over 7 Krueger
15 A.Smith over 25 Delcore
2 Frank over 31 Austin

MATCH OF THE ROUND: 3 Fratangelo over Ore, followed by Rinaldi over 14 Newman, 5 Novikov over 28 Polnet, Petrone over 9 Styslinger, 27 Harrison over 13 McCourt, and 2 Frank over 31 Austin

Round of 16
1 Sock over 10 Egger
8 Halebian over Rinaldi
4 Giron over 12 Watson
16 Webb over 5 Novikov
Mkrtchian over Petrone
3 Fratangelo over 27 Harrison
20 Redlicki over Paige
2 Frank over 15 A.Smith

MATCH OF THE ROUND: 3 Fratangelo over 27 Harrison, followed by 16 Webb over 5 Novikov

1 Sock over 8 Halebian
4 Giron over 16 Webb
3 Fratangelo over Mkrtchian
20 Redlicki over 2 Frank

MATCH OF THE ROUND: 20 Redlicki over 2 Frank, followed by 1 Sock over 8 Halebian

1 Sock over 4 Giron
3 Fratangelo over 20 Redlicki

1 Sock over 3 Fratangelo 5-7, 6-2, 6-4, 6-4

So Cal said...

Why has everyone forgotten about Giron? Isn't he probably the hottest U.S. junior now who had a fantastic streak of wins and who beat Frantangelo in the finals showdown at the International Spring at Carson?

I have to check but I also recall that he won the Easter Bowl which had Frantangelo in it.

Brent said...

16s predictions

Early upsets
Dawson over 22 Murray, Newman over 8 Goldhoff, and Ge over 25 Kovalschi

Round of 32
1 Farren over 18 Orkin
9 Papa over Dawson
5 Brymer over 28 Monaghan
13 Aragone over 29 Samardzic
20 Gardiner over 4 Corinteli
23 Kerznerman over 11 Garcia
Newman over 25 Auproux
32 Watson over Ge
17 Daniel over 10 Goldberg
6 Madregallejo over 21 Bellamy
26 Riccardi over 14 Solomon
3 Rubin over 31 Oosterbaan
19 Lederman over 12 Redlicki
7 Pura over 24 Menichella
15 Kwiatkowksi over 27 Crystal
2 Schneider over 30 Craig

Round of 16
9 Papa over 1 Farren
5 Brymer over 13 Aragone
23 Kerznerman over 20 Gardiner
32 Watson over Newman
17 Daniel over Madregallejo
3 Rubin over 26 Riccardi
19 Lederman over 7 Pura
15 Kwiatkowski over 2 Schneider

9 Papa over 5 Brymer
23 Kerznerman over 32 Watson
17 Daniel over 3 Rubin
15 Kwiatkowski over 19 Lederman

9 Papa over 23 Kerznerman
15 Kwiatkowski over 17 Daniel

9 Papa over 15 Kwiatkowski 7-6, 2-6, 7-5

USAalltheway said...


I don't think anyone is forgetting Giron. I as well as Brent have in in the Semis. But Sock may be one of the best Jrs ever. In the past year he has:
- Zoo won
- US Open won beating the best jrs in the world
- 3 wins against ATP top 150.
- 21 or 22 what ever gold balls, even being out 1 1/2 years
- Beaten Kudla 3 or so times in a row.
Hard to bet against that. Giron may give him a good match but I'd say Sock in straights

tennis said...

brent, i like almost all of your picks, redlicki over frank was a little shocking though..?

jack will win the tournament, beating most likely frank/fratengelo in the finals

Tennis is The Game said...

Brent how are you placing Novikov to lose to Webb? Webb hasn't done anything of value lately, and is a bit washed up. Also what about Redlicki over Frank, are you crazy? What results/ability to play does Redlicki have to beat Frank..?

Brent said...

Well, I felt like going pure chalk with the top 4 seeds making the semis wasn't very fun. I view Frank as the most vulnerable, even though he has clearly had a great summer. Main rationale (and not an entirely strong one at that) was that he has never had a very successful run in Kzoo. Redlicki certainly has a lot of confidence there after his impressive run in the 16s last year. The one pick I might change after a little more research is Withrow to upset Vinsant. I looked at the results of the Intersectionals this afternoon and Withrow's results didn't impress.

USAalltheway said...

Already have to change my predictions (Harrison pulled out)
Sock over Halebian
Giron over Novikov
Frantangelo over Vinsant
Frank over Krueger

Sock over Giron
Frantangelo over Frank

Sock over Frantangelo in straigh sets

Then I get the defending US Open and French Open Jrs in the finals. Might spark some national interest.

tennis said...

i guess i won't get to see harrison lose after all and get proven right.

tennismom said...

Harrison withdrew why the doubt, therefore I am in a position to make assumptions as I do watch him practice on a daily basis and I knew he wasn't in his best playing form and that's why I didn't think he would have a chance, and I also thought that he might not play kzoo as well and that is why I said what I said.

fellow parent said...

We wish Christian a speedy recovery and hope he is back on the court soon.

love-tennis said...

What is wrong with Christian? He is such a nice young man. I am so glad that Ryan is doing so well too. So great for tennis.

Just saw the Agassi/Graf commercial for 10 and under Quickstart. That was really good. About time we got tennis into mainstream America. (Ok, it was only on ESPN2 during the Young-Baghdatis match, but still!!!)