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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bowl 14s and 16s Recap, Slideshow, Videos

My recap of the 14s and 16s tournaments at the Easter Bowl is posted today at the Tennis Recruiting Network.

The slideshow is a long one, containing photos of all singles winners, finalists and semifinalists as well as doubles winners and finalists.

Below are the YouTube videos of the 14s champions. The videos of the rest of the singles champions and finalists can be viewed by clicking on the name below.

Gage Brymer
Caroline Doyle
Marcos Giron
Kyle McPhillips
Ronnie Schneider
Kimberly Yee
Mac Styslinger
Gabrielle Andrews
Henrik Wiersholm
Katerina Stewart


getreal said...

Peter Bodo on Donald Young's tweet:

Andy M. said...

good videos, I wonder about players and how SOME develop styles that are carbon copies of touring pros. Is it coached or do they pick it up from TV? I can't imagine many Patty Schnyder matches have been televised or that a coach would teach her exact strokes. Seems to work in junior tennis sometimes. Ram is the best example I can think of in pros.

Why? said...

Why is it sometimes assumed that people "copied" a pros style? Is it so impossible that the similarities are just a coincedence? It'd be hard to find success by copying someone else's style, but easy when playing a style that naturally fits yourself. Play to your strengths.

(p.s. this was me answering a question with a rhetorical question)