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Friday, November 19, 2010

National Tennis Center Renovation Planned; More College Signings; Ask McEnroe and Bollettieri Your Questions

The news that the USTA is planning to replace Louis Armstrong Stadium and the Grandstand Court, while adding another smaller show court, is not really college and junior tennis related. A few matches of the US Open Junior championships are played in those two facilities, but the ratio of empty seats to spectators is so great that there's really no sense of the atmosphere that can make those venues so much fun when there's a great pro match being played. The USTA has not released anything official on the plans that are outlined in this tennis.com article, but it shouldn't be long before it's obvious, with the construction on the new 3,000 mini-stadium said to begin immediately, with completion by 2011 (highly doubtful) or 2012.

With a slow news week, with few pro events and fewer juniors, I will once more post links to National Letter of Intent announcements, which still continue to trickle onto school websites. Not all the blue chips have seen their signings noted in this fashion, but many have. Links to the university announcements follow the recruit's name. Nick Chappell's signing with TCU has not been posted on the Horned Frog's website, but the Indianapolis Star published this story about Nick joining his older brother Paul in Ft. Worth next fall.

Leyla Erkan and Kerrie Cartwright Florida State

Van Damrongsri and Michael Lippens Louisville

Christopher Haworth Oklahoma State

Hunter Callahan Ohio State

Joanna Smith Arizona State

Janine Erasmus (South Africa) Texas A&M

Slim Hamza (Tunisia) Utah

Hunter Reese and Brandon Fickey Tennessee

Gonzales Austin, Joe Dorn, Suresh Eswaran, Anton Kovrigin, Jeffrey Offerdahl, and Michael Retta Vanderbilt

If you have a question about the state of American tennis that you would like to ask Patrick McEnroe or Nick Bollettieri, they will answer via a twitter chat next Tuesday at 2 p.m. To submit your question, go to this website. Peter Bodo, who will be involved, had more about the chat on his blog TennisWorld.


impressive said...

Wow Vanderbilt has an outstanding recruiting class...expecting big things from them the coming years...

cmon said...

i wouldn't call a lot of players "an outstanding recruiting class"

impressive said...

Saw all these players perform in the bigger tournaments this summer...all great athletes with alot of upside...i expect big things

cmon said...

gonzales austin is the only player on the list who has even an ounce of accomplishments. give me a list of the other players credentials and i will listen