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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Top Seed Baylor Toppled by No. 8 Stanford to Complete Women's Semifinals

Stanford avenged its losses to Baylor in the 2008 and 2009 NCAAs, beating the top-ranked Bears 4-2 Saturday night. Hilary Barte clinched it for the Cardinal with a 7-5, 7-5 victory over Lenka Broosova.

As I said in my tweet this morning, I didn't attend today's matches due to a stomach bug, so I'm using photos from my photographer and official releases to update the site. I hope to be 100% for the men's quarterfinals Sunday, but that is, as the tennis coaches say, not something I can worry about, because it's out of my control.


#8 STANFORD (24-1) def. #1 BAYLOR (30-3), 4-2
Head Coaches: Joey Scrivano (Baylor) and Lele Forood (Stanford)
Doubles (Order of finish: 3,2,1)
1. #2 Hilary Barte/Lindsay Burdette (STANFORD) def. #11 Lenka Broosova/Csilla Borsanyi (BAYLOR), 9-8(3)
2. Nina Secerbegovic/Jelena Stanivuk (BAYLOR) def. #56 Mallory Burdette/Stacey Tan (STANFORD), 9-7
3. Carolyn McVeigh/Veronica Li (STANFORD) def. Taylor Ormond/Carla Lindlar (BAYLOR), 8-3

Singles (Order of finish: 3,6,5,2,1*)
1. #4 Hilary Barte (STANFORD) def. #5 Lenka Broosova (BAYLOR), 7-5, 7-5
2. #18 Nina Secerbegovic (BAYLOR) def. #83 Lindsay Burdette (STANFORD), 6-3, 7-5
3. #33 Mallory Burdette (STANFORD) def. #55 Taylor Ormond (BAYLOR), 6-4, 6-0
4. #106 Csilla Borsanyi (BAYLOR) vs. #86 Stacey Tan (STANFORD), 3-6, 6-1, 5-2, unf.
5. Jelena Stanivuk (BAYLOR) def. Carolyn McVeigh (STANFORD), 6-2, 6-3
6. Veronica Li (STANFORD) def. Karolina Filipiak (BAYLOR), 6-3, 6-4


simonsaystennis said...

Good for Stanford!! They will be STACKED in years to come with Kristie Ahn, Nicole Gibbs, and Ellen Tsay all joining the team!

Get well soon Colette!

been-there said...

The only good thing about Stanford being stacked next year is that someone will be able to take down Florida. That will be worth it.

Of course, sometimes when you get the superstars, they don't always end up going to school. E.g. Rebecca Marino.

Austin said...

Did Ohio State think the match was tomorrow? At one point in singles USC led a combined 30-9 in total games when everyone was still in the first set.

UVA is in the process of their annual underachievement. They need some guys to win some tough matches right now or its USC-UCLA in the semis.

cavs said...

USC vs UVA . Rematch of last year. I like the Cavs chance particularly #5 and #6 . Go Cavs!

iluvtennis said...

Great call on the UVa match Austin, talk about having to eat your words.....maybe you can write back and say how wrong you are.....and funny how you consider underachieving being ranked 1 3 years in a row and winning 3 indoor national titles.....I'd hate to see what you think of the other 300 D1 programs in the nation.

tony said...

@iluvtennis. You're obviously a UVA fan and thats great and all. I don't think Austin meant anything bad by his comments. I would second him that any team that is ranked #1 in the country for most of the season and that is unable to win it all is definitely underachieving. I'm sure the UVA coaching staff would say the same. I'm curious what anyone on here has to say about Ty Tucker's comments following their loss to USC where he stated that "they didn't want to play USC." I understand that he was just being pc and giving USC credit for being the strong team they are, but as a fellow coach I'm not sure I would ever say such a thing. It makes out to sound like they went into the match scared, and the result was nothing more than a fomality at that point. Just my two cents...

Austin said...


Look up the definition of underachieving in the dictonary. It essence it means failure to reach expectations set before you.

What words do I need to eat? When I wrote that they had lost the doubles, 3 of 6 opening sets in singles and were about to be taken to a 3rd in one of the three they had won.