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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ITA National Awards Announced

left to right: Catherine Newman, Jason Jung, JP Smith, Austin Krajicek, Henrique Cunha, Cameron Ellis, Caitlin Whoriskey

Athens GA--

As is the tradition, the National ITA Awards were announced Tuesday at a luncheon on the University of Georgia campus.

ITA/Arthur Ashe Award for Leadership & Sportsmanship- Jason Jung, Michigan
Farnsworth/ITA Senior Player of the Year- Robert Farah, Southern California
ITA Rookie Player of the Year- Henrique Cunha, Duke
ITA Player to Watch- Austin Krajicek, Texas A & M
ITA/Rafael Osuna Award- JP Smith
ITA Assistant Coach of the Year- Will Glenn, Georgia

ITA/Arthur Ashe Award for Leadership & Sportsmanship- Catherine Newman, Vanderbilt
ITA Senior Player of the Year- Caitlin Whoriskey, Tennessee
ITA Rookie Player of the Year- Lauren Embree, Florida
ITA Player to Watch- Hilary Barte, Stanford
ITA/Cissie Leary Award for Sportsmanship- Cameron Ellis, Georgia
ITA Assistant Coach - Dave Balogh, Florida

The head coach of the year winners are to be announced.


player said...

We have no espnu . Is there any other ways we could see this live ? Help

Colette Lewis said...

No, I'm afraid not. ESPN has exclusive rights.

work-hard-tennis said...

Thank heavens we have it. That had to be the most exciting tennis match ever between Florida women and Stanford women. So so exciting. I wish those matches were more often on TV!

I tried to do the live streaming throughout the week but just got continually frustrated trying to figure out (via the grainy/unclear screen) who was who. And that was when it did not continually say....now loading...now loading... and locked up.