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Monday, December 14, 2009

Eddie Herr Slideshow, Videos

For the first time in 18 days, I'm not covering a junior tennis match. Instead, I've spent the day preparing a slideshow and uploading videos from the Eddie Herr International to YouTube. I have short videos of all 16 singles finalists, but have had time to process only those of the winners. Below are Denis Kudla and Mariya Shishkina videos. Follow the links below for the other six champions.

Daria Gavrilova video
Sachia Vickery video
Hunter Harrington video
Spencer Liang video
Luke Bambridge video
Stefan Kozlov video


Unknown said...

That Shiskina girl looks like one to watch in the future. Man she is athletic as anything.

wi tennis said...

She's a very good player, but sad she already has knee issues. Also, is it just me, or should an 11/12 year old not be wearing really tight, really short shorts. And, I'm not even old!

Ali said...

Thx for the Bambridge video

Unknown said...

Those knee bands could be because she thinks its cool. Nadal, Iverson....kids see pro athletes wearing them.

And the shorts...well, go to any mall. Thats what the girls wear at 10-12 these days. I thought her outfit was pretty cool. She is a very confident athletic girl.

get real said...

Those knee bands are generally worn for either knee problems or i would bet due to growing(osgood schlatters) it helps to kep the tendons close to the bone. she probably is going through a growth spurt and it is important to not let the tendons pull away from the bones. hopefully that is wht=at it is and i hope she gets alot taller. i am sure it is not due to being cool. have you ever wore one of those?

Unknown said...

Well I live in Bradenton, about 3 miles from IMG. I have been there a number of times. And yes some of the kids where those for injury prevention, growth spurt pain....and some just to look cool. I know, the trainer told me when I asked why many had them on.

If you are willing to play in the hot sun here 4-5 hours a day, wearing one of those isn't much added discomfort!

tennistoo said...

outstanding movement, great focus and good forehand