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Sunday, October 18, 2009

All-American Slideshow, Wrap-Up

I'm returning to Michigan today (although with the cold and cloudy weather in Tulsa, I feel as if I never left), so it's time to begin looking back at the two tournaments held at the Michael D. Case Tennis Center the past ten days. First, I'm wrapping up the Men's D'Novo ITA All-American, with this slideshow and Thursday's recap for the Tennis Recruiting Network. The ITF Pan-American Closed slideshow will be posted next week.


Val Connor said...

Ms Lewis,

Do you know what North Carolina's Austin Smith is up to now that she's graduated? Our church group (tennis loving seniors) used to follow her progress quite intently and we interested to know if she was studying further, coaching or playing some pro tennis.
Thought you'd be the best lady to ask.


Colette Lewis said...

Austin recently finished a job teaching tennis in East Hampton and is now looking for different jobs in sports marketing.

Val Connor said...

Well, thank you so very much for that answer. Looks like she has travelled a long way. If you see her, please give her our best. She represented North Carolina, her family and her faith wonderfully well. We were all sorry to see her finish but sure the future will be very bright