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Monday, April 20, 2009

Duke Wins ACC Title in Thriller; Julia Cohen Feature

Today is a travel day for us, and after two weeks of daily tournament reporting, I'll just be posting a few items here and there. I'll be working on the slide shows from the ISC and Easter Bowl, as well as an Easter Bowl wrap for Tennis Recruiting Network, along with a few other assignments this week, before heading to the Big Ten men's championships in Ann Arbor this weekend.

With Ohio State the overwhelming favorite, I doubt there will be a final as remotely exciting as the women's ACC championship yesterday, where Duke won the title over Miami 4-3, with Reka Zsilinszka saving five match points in the decider at No. 3 singles in a 2-6, 6-4, 7-6(5) win over Bianca Eichkorn. Zsilinszka was on the opposite side of a similar scenario last year against Clemson, as noted in this story from the Duke website.

The Raleigh News & Observer had this story about the Duke win and about Virginia's 4-0 victory over Wake Forest for the men's title.

Mallory Cecil contributed to Duke's win over Miami, scoring an impressive 6-4, 6-1 victory over No. 4 ranked Julia Cohen at No. 1 singles. Last week, Cohen was featured in this Miami Herald article about the Hurricane sophomore and her accomplished tennis family.


Jon King said...

Great story on Julia Cohen. Boy I wish she was bigger...she is very generously listed at 5'6"....she is barely 5'5". If she were a solid 5'9" she would have a great shot at being a top 30 pro.

TechGirl said...


I think that's really pushing it a lot. Extra size would help but the main trouble is that she's just not a great athlete. It's okay in college or on the lower level junior circuit but at the junior slams she got found out every time. Im also not sure if she ever had the focus necessary to be a pro. On the junior circuit she was always very 'social' and I don't think she'd have coped with the more insular nature of the pro tour.

tennis said...

totally agree techgirl. along with not being a great athlete, she was never really in shape either. everything you said is very true, i highly doubt even with the extra size she would even crack the top 100

get real said...

I think if she did have height she would have a shot. Top 30 is stretching it. You can be social in tennis. Just because you socialize does not mean you are not focused. It only matters when you are in competetion. Do agree she needs to get in better shape, but i am sure we can say that about a few in the top 30 pros. Interesting to see what she eventually does.