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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not Ike, but a Storm Approaches

The National Weather Service is giving us here in Kalamazoo about a half an hour to prepare for a storm, which could leave us without power again. We've already had 24 straight hours of rain, but it has been of the relatively calm variety. Now the tornado watches are being posted, quite rare for this time of year.

No results yet from the Grade 1 in Kentucky, but I did run across this Cleveland story about Lauren Davis and Kyle McPhillips, who are playing high school tennis this year in Ohio. Davis, of course, is the USTA girls 16s champion, while McPhillips was an integral part of this year's ITF World Junior championship-winning team. Those two accomplishments didn't warrant a story, but high school sports are a whole different ballgame, so to speak, for local newspapers, who have regular beat writers for high school sports, but not for tennis.