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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bollettierri Promises to Help McEnroe; Cecil and Logar Meet Again; Florida's Borsanyi Transfers to Baylor

I'm on the road, but I wanted to link to this story by Mic Huber of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, who talked to Nick Bollettieri the other day, after returning from Roland Garros. Here's the key quote:

I want to make it very plain that I am working with Patrick and Arlen to help America get back on track," Bollettieri explained. "I made a pledge to Patrick that I am going to do my share of working with players to help them represent America."
I am certain that the American dominance we became accustomed to is over, but I still believe it is possible to for the U.S. to foster Grand Slam champions, and yes, even a French Open one. If Bollettieri wants to assist with that, good for him.

It's deja vu all over again for Mallory Cecil and Theresa Logar, who met last week in the final in $10,000 Pro Circuit event in Sumter, SC and will face off again tomorrow in the final of the $10,000 tournament in Hilton Head, SC. Cecil won in three sets last week, so it sets up to be a great final.

Csilla Borsanyi of Florida will be transferring to Baylor, according to this story in the Waco Tribune. There isn't a lot detail as to why, but she and Denes Lukacs appear to have a more serious relationship than that of the "friends" they are described as here.


justthefacts said...

There was another article "Charlie Brinker?" from some Fort Lauderdale paper that mentioned Sloane Stephens training at a place run by Nick Saviano. This article has Bollettierri saying Stephens will be training at his place?..he also mentioned this during an interview at the French Open. Just curious as to "why" she would be switching, considering the success she has had at Saviano? Maybe just for the variety of good players at Bollettieri?

scott said...

It wouldn't be a Florida offseason if someone they expected to have the following season left or wasn't available. For a variety of reasons, the Florida program has lost 6 players since 2005. Alexis Gordon took a year off to have a baby, Jennifer Magley turned pro midway through her senior season, Keri Robison transfered, Alex Liles transfered, Diana Srebrovic was lost to injury and now Csilla transfers out. I don't remember this much turnover during all the years Andy Brandi was head coach. Obviously there are some things you can't control and I guess transfers in tennis are common, but that's 1 girl in each of the last 3 seasons to transfer out. I don't like that trend.

AndrewD said...


Melanie Gloria (of Fresno State) is through to the semi-final of the $10,000 event in Amarante, Portugal after knocking out the 6th seed in the first round.