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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blogging Challenges; Pantic, Muhammad Weigh Turning Pro

I hope you are all seeing the logo that I'm including in this post permanently atop the the website. If you are not, please let me know via the comment option! Being an Apple user, I don't have access to Internet Explorer and so I don't know quite how the site looks to those of you using Windows PCs. The hacks necessary to put a graphic in a blogger template header are complicated, but I do want to get it right.

I do have a little junior news to pass along, about two different girls who are weighing the decision about turning pro.

James Beck in the Charleston Post and Courier has this piece about Nina Pantic, contrasting her with her good friend Reka Zsilinszka.

The Las Vegas Review Journal talked with Asia Muhammad, who sounds as if she will be going the professional route soon. On Tuesdsay, Muhammad, who received a wild card into the $75K challenger in Las Vegas, played Yulia Fedossova of France, ranked 119 by the WTA, and lost 2-6, 7-6(1) 6-4.


Anonymous said...

Love the new logo.

U.S. Women's Tennis Vibes said...

The new logo looks great but I don't think it's atop your page. Using a PC here.

Colette Lewis said...

Yes, I've heard that it doesn't show up in IE.
I've added it in the sidebar for now. I'll keep trying to get it in the header.

U.S. Women's Tennis Vibes said...

ahh..There it is. Looks great!

lynn said...

Hey Colette,

Love the new logo. Good job! I didn't know you were a fellow Mac user but it makes sense. Happy to have you in the cult. :)