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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

From Sand to Ice

About 18 hours after watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico at Clearwater Beach, we were treated to a different kind of beauty on our arrival in Michigan. The usually barren trees were sparkling like diamonds on mirrors, with the low-angle midwinter sun refracting through the glaze of ice coating every branch. When you are in a warm car driving on dry pavement, it's easy to appreciate the splendor of such a sight. But the power outages and accidents reveal an uglier side to what nature can bring.

Enough weather philosophy. When I was at the Florida sectional in Tampa, I spoke briefly to Sloane Stephens who is one of four girls representing the U.S. in the two big tournaments in Europe this winter--Teen Tennis and Les Petits As. She said the team was leaving on Wednesday and will be gone nearly three weeks, and told me who else would be going on the girls side.

There has already been discussion about the boys selections in a series of comments on this unrelated post.

I'm posting a slide show of the six players I have photographs of. Although I'll be busy keeping track of the Australian Open, I'm also going to track the progress of these younger players.


Anonymous said...

who is the best of the 91's 92's and 93's

Anonymous said...

do you know why Jeff resigned please help, Colette? Will the tournament still be at woodmont? If not when will a decision be made and by whom? A lot of people want to know. Colette Please try. Jeff please come back.

Anonymous said...

Jeff resigned for personal reasons.. he won't really talk about it but hes definately not coming back.. the tournament isn't going to be at woodmont anymore.. I don't know why though, I wish I did..
I loved having it there

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna miss jeff

Anonymous said...

yeahh man i know he was tight.