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Monday, May 8, 2006

Two Ryans Make News

This time the news is good for Ryan Sweeting, who won the Vero Beach Futures Sunday, as a qualifier. This tcpalm.com story gives all the details of his grueling week and also an interesting look at his prize money accounting as an amateur. Not too often you see dollars and cents cited for a player's expenses. It also has the first reference I've seen that Sweeting is now working at Harold Solomon's new tennis academy. Having a young Futures winner is pretty good advertising.

The other Ryan, Ryan Thacher, is the subject of a recruiting profile I wrote for the Tennis Recruiting Network, which appears on their site today. I enjoyed getting to know him (and his coach Barry Horowitz) at the Easter Bowl last month, and I hope this story gives some insight into why he decided on tennis over the other sports he had played, and why he hasn't taken the home schooling route.


Anonymous said...

An impressive win for Sweeting. Not only to win the tournament with such ease, but to also qualify. I am surprised that Sweeting could not take all the prize money to pay for his expenses. Having Harold Solomon as his coach must be more than what he earned for the week.