Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tennis association gives sisters waiver:: Daily Comet.com Thibodaux, LA

DailyComet.com | Tennis association gives sisters waiver--

I'm very pleased to read that the USTA has agreed to give waivers to the two Dutch girls competing in Louisiana, allowing them to enter USTA events for which they qualify. The initial post generated a few heated comments on zootennis, and several others I spoke to about it had strong opinions too.

I admit to some surprise that the USTA sensibly resolved this with a minimum of time and money expended. They must view this as an unique set of circumstances unlikely to lead to a deluge of legal alien juniors flooding the USTA events. As I said in May, it's not something I could muster any energy to fight about. The USTA should be commended for showing flexibility and a commitment to their slogan "To Promote and Develop The Growth of Tennis."


Anonymous said...

There are any number of ITF tournaments these girls could have entered, specifically the Chanda Rubin series.
There are scores of foreign kids training in Florida, Texas, and California. This ruling opens the door for all of them to enter Sectional tournaments which are used to endorse players to national events. The ruling opens the door for foreign players to enter the National Opens, also used to qualify players for Clays and Hard Courts.
It wouldn't take a "flood" of foreign players to quickly take the few sectional endorsement spots.
As you said, for every foreign player, one American doesn't play. Doesn't sound the best way to promote U.S. tennis to me.