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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Ohio State Men, Oklahoma State Women Remain No. 1 in Latest D-I Rankings; Texas's Spizzirri and Texas A&M's Stoiana Stay Atop Singles Rankings; USTA Pro Circuit Returns with W35 in Mississippi

I didn't have an opportunity to post the weekly ITA Division I rankings while I was covering the three big junior tournaments in Southern California, but I'll be returning my focus to college tennis in the next several weeks as conference regular seasons wind down and conference tournaments begin. Fortunately for me, not much has changed in the last month, with the Oklahoma State women remaining unbeaten and No. 1, as they have been since winning the Team Indoor Championships in February, and the Ohio State men, although suffering their first lost of the season to Texas last month, staying at the top spot by virtue of all their big wins at both the Team Indoor and before.

The individual rankings generally don't change much at this time of year, with Eliot Spizzirri of Texas and Mary Stoiana of Texas A&M pretty much securing the No. 1 spots when they won ITA majors this fall and continued to perform at the top of their lineups in the spring season. Micah Braswell of Texas, also a fall major champion, did lose his No. 2 spot this week, to Antoine Cornut-Chauvinc of Florida State. 

For the full ranking lists, click on the headings below.

1. Ohio State
2. Virginia
3. TCU
4. Kentucky
5. Texas
6. Wake Forest
7. Tennessee
8. Texas A&M
9. Arizona
10. Columbia

1. Eliot Spizzirri, Texas
2. Antoine Cornut-Chauvinc, Florida State
3. Micah Braswell, Texas
4. Johannus Monday, Tennessee
5. Oliver Tarvet, San Diego
6. Chris Rodesch, Virgnia
7. Jack Pinnington Jones, TCU
8. Murphy Cassone, Arizona State
9. Jake Fearnley, TCU
10. Ozan Baris, Michigan State

1. DK Suresh and Holden Koons, Wake Forest
2. Robert Cash and JJ Tracy, Ohio State
3. Sebastian Gorzny and Pedro Vives, TCU
4. Garret Johns and Pedro Rodenas, Duke
5. Max Shelton and Ozan Baris, Michigan State

1. Oklahoma State
2. Michigan
3. Pepperdine
4. Virginia
5. Stanford
6. North Carolina
7. Georgia
8. Texas
9. Southern Cal
10. Cal

1. Mary Stoiana, Texas A&M
2. Reese Brantmeier, North Carolina
3. Kari Miller, Michigan
4. Ange Oby Kajuru, Oklahoma State
5. Amelia Rajecki, NC State
6. Ayana Akli, South Carolina
7. Carolyn Ansari, Auburn
8. Savannah Broadus, Pepperdine
9. Connie Ma, Stanford
10. Lisa Zaar, Pepperdine

1. Elizabeth Scotty and Reese Brantmeier, North Carolina
2. Janice Tjen and Savannah Broadus, Pepperdine
3. Alina Shcherbinina and Dana Guzman, Oklahoma
4. Ange Oby Kajuru and Anastasiya Komar, Oklahoma State
5. Mary Stoiana and Mia Kupres, Texas A&M

After a week with no USTA Pro Circuit tournaments, the women are competing in a W35 in Jackson Mississippi this week, with plenty of Americans and collegians in the mix.

Former UNC Tar Heel Jamie Loeb, the 2015 NCAA singles champion, is the top seed, with 17-year-old Maya Joint, the University of Texas signee from Michigan who now represents Australia, the No. 2 seed. 

Wild card were given to former Mississippi State player Lilian Poling, Malkia Ngounoue(Kansas), the older sister of Clervie, Briley Rhoden, a five-star high school freshman from Mississippi, and 16-year-old Anna Frey. Poling and Rhoden played their first round matches today and lost, with Poling losing to 17-year-old Akasha Urhobo 7-5, 6-1 and Rhoden falling to 33-year-old Hiroko Kuwata of Japan, the No. 5 seed, 6-3, 6-1. 

Those qualifying today are Salma Ewing(USC/Texas A&M), Bronte Murgett(New Mexico, Missouri) of Great Britain, Solymar Colling(San Diego), Georgia Tech signee Taly Licht of Uruguay, Anita Sahdiieva(Baylor/LSU) of Ukraine, Texas A&M signee Lexington Reed, Old Dominion freshman Kira Matushkina of Russia and Texas signee Ariana Pursoo. 

A third Texas incoming freshman in the fall of 2024, Ashton Bowers, won her first round match today, as did Adriana Reami(NC State) and Kolie Allen(Ohio State).