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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Scores of Division I Signing Updates; ITA All-American Champions Stoiana of Texas A&M and Spizzirri of Texas Top D-I Fall Rankings

In the past I've published several updates on Division I NLI signings during November, but this year I've waited until a week after the first day to officially sign in the hope that the bulk of the announcements have been published on the teams' websites. Several of the biggest names have not had official announcements posted on the school's website, although Kalamazoo 18s finalist Trevor Svajda had his announcement on Tennis Recruiting last weekend, and US Open champion Joao Fonseca of Brazil was welcomed as a signee by Virginia on twitter.

Here are the website signing announcements I've seen; some schools do them individually and some together, so the links are separated if that's the case. If there is no country give for the signee, it's the United States.


Arizona has signed Zoran Ludoski of Serbia, Mathhias Uwe Kask of Canada, Oskar Jansson of Sweden, Santiago Padilla-Cote of Mexico and Filip Gustafsson of Sweden.

Arkansas has signed Lukas Palovic of Slovakia and Jakub Vrba of the Czech Republic.

Boise State has signed Dylan Jaen, Adam Duda of the Czech Republic and Lukas Velik of the Czech Republic.

BYU has signed Tygen Goldammer and David Duong.

Central Florida has signed Walid Ahouda of Morocco and Adriano Dzhenev of Bulgaria.

Florida has signed Kevin Edengren of Sweden, Henry Jefferson of Great Britain and Francesco Cordova.

Georgia has signed Aidan Atwood.

Illinois has signed Zach Viiala of Australia.

Indiana has signed Karan Raghavendra, Braeden Gelletich and Matteo Antonescu.

Kentucky has signed Thomas Faurel of France and Andrew Mercer.

LSU has signed Ishaan Ravichander as a graduate transfer. He is currently at Columbia.

Mississippi has signed Brice Patoux of France.

Ohio State has signed Nikita Filin.

Oklahoma has signed Bruno Nhavene of Mozambique, a transfer from Cowley College (JC).

Oklahoma State has signed Ian Bracks.

Oregon has signed Andreja Petrovic of Norway, as a transfer from Florida State and Cooper Errey of Australia.

Rice has signed Joshua Mandelbaum.

South Carolina has signed Gabe Avram and Max Stenzer of Germany.

Southern California has signed Niels Hoffman and Volodymyr Iakubenko of Ukraine.

Stanford has signed Alexander Razeghi.

Tennessee has signed Alex Kotzen as a graduate transfer. He is currently at Columbia.

Texas A&M has signed Tiago Pires of France.

Texas Tech has signed Niksa Arsic of Serbia.

Vanderbilt has signed Danil Panarin of Russia and Hugo Coquelin of Great Britain.

Western Michigan has signed Alex Antonopoulos, Oscar Corwin, Solomon Dunsirn, Jack Davison of Canada and Adrian Quiros of Costa Rica.

Wisconsin has signed Sachiv Kumar and Patrik Meszaros of Hungary.


Arizona has signed Stephanie Shogreen.

Auburn has signed Alana Boyce and Ashton Bowers.

Baylor has signed Nanaka Sato of Japan.

Central Florida has signed Olivia Bergler of Poland and Hannah Rylatt of Great Britain.

Clemson has signed Amelie Smejkalova of the Czech Republic and Artemis Aslanisvili of Greece.

Colorado has signed Lera Alexin.

Duke has signed Ava Krug.

Florida has signed Nikola Daubnerova of Slovakia.

Florida State has signed Eve Shaw of Great Britain, Chiara Di Genova of Argentina and Mary Boyce Deatherage.

Georgia Tech has signed Olivia Carneiro of Brazil, Scarlett Nicholson of Canada and Taly Licht of Uruguay.

Illinois has signed Ariel Madatali.

LSU has signed Kenna Erickson.

Maryland has signed Oliwia Orlinska of Poland and Ema Kovacevic of Belgium.

Miami has signed Maria Paula Vargas of Colombia.

Mississippi has signed Brooklyn Olson.

North Carolina State has signed Mia Slama.

Northwestern has signed Erica Jessel and Maia Loureiro.

Oklahoma has signed Roisin Gilheany of Australia and Chloe Noel of France.

Pepperdine has signed Taylor Goetz, Alexia Harmon and Jasmine Conway of Great Britain.

Purdue has signed Ece Gencer of Turkey.

Rice has signed Nithesa Selvaraj of Australia.

Rutgers has signed Karina Jumazhanova of Kazakhstan.

San Diego has signed Mio Mushika of Japan.

SMU has signed Arianna Stavropoulos, a graduate transfer from UC Davis; Sophie Llewellyn and Kayla Schefke.

Stanford has signed Valerie Glozman.

Tennessee has signed Natalia Perez of Puerto Rico, Conley Raidt, Brooklyn Schafer and Saray Yli-Piipari.

Texas has signed Maya Joint of Australia, Ariana Pursoo and Charlotte Kempenaers-Pocz of Australia.

Texas A&M has signed Lexington Reed.

Texas Tech has signed Elena Daskalova.

Tulane has signed Campbell Ricci and Summer Chandler.

Washington has signed McKenna Koenig as a graduate transfer from Southern California, and Carina Syrtveit of Norway.

Washington State has signed Chisato Kanemaki of Japan.

William and Mary has signed Mira Kernagis.

The only rankings of the fall season have been published, with Mary Stoiana of Texas A&M and Eliot Spizzirri of Texas at the top. Both Stoiana, who is the first Aggie woman to be ranked No. 1, and Spizzirri, who has been No. 1 since last February (hat tip John Parsons), won the ITA All-American Championships in October.

The men's rankings make more sense to me than the women's, as it's puzzling when South Carolina's Ayana Akli moves up just one spot from the preseason rankings despite making the semifinals and finals of the two fall majors and Reese Brantmeier stays at the same spot, No. 5, despite winning the National Fall Championships this month. Missing from the rankings, and I don't mean the Top 10 below, but the entire list of 125, is preseason No. 1 Fiona Crawley of North Carolina. Crawley did not play the Fall Nationals and lost in the second round of the All-American Championships, so she is not currently ranked.

Below are the Top 10 in singles and Top 5 in doubles after the fall season and it will be February before we have another set of individual rankings. Click on the headings to go to the full list of all ranked individuals and doubles teams.

ITA Division I Women's Top 10
1. Mary Stoiana, Texas A&M
2. Ange Oby Kajuru, Oklahoma State
3. Amelia Rajecki, NC State
4. Sarah Hamner, South Carolina
5. Reese Brantmeier, North Carolina
6. Ayana Akli, South Carolina
7. Carson Tanguilig, North Carolina
8. Carolyn Ansari, Auburn
9. Anika Yarlagadda, North Carolina
10. Kari Miller, Michigan

Women's Doubles Top 5
1. Reese Brantmeier and Elizabeth Scotty, North Carolina
2. Dana Guzman and Alina Shcherbinina, Oklahoma
3. Mia Kupres and Mary Stoiana, Texas A&M
4. Savannah Broadus and Janice Tjen, Pepperdine
5. Metka Koman and Avelina Sayfetdinova, Texas Tech

ITA Division I Men's Top 10
1. Eliot Spizzirri, Texas
2. Micah Braswell, Texas
3. Jack Pinnington Jones, TCU
4. JJ Tracy, Ohio State
5. Colton Smith, Arizona
6. Ozan Baris, Michigan State
7. Filippo Moroni, Wake Forest
8. Oliver Tarvet, San Diego
9. Gavin Young, Michigan
10. Murphy Cassone, Arizona State

Men's Doubles Top 5
1. Robert Cash and JJ Tracy, Ohio State
2. Ozan Baris and Max Shelton, Michigan State
3. Cleeve Harper and Eliot Spizzirri, Texas
4. Hunter Heck and Karlis Ozolins, Illinois
5. Daniel Milavsky and Cooper Williams, Harvard