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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Horrific Traffic Accident Claims Lives of 14-year-olds Drew Hassenbein and Ethan Falkowitz

Another inexpressibly sad day for those in the junior tennis community with the news that 14-year-olds Drew Hassenbein and Ethan Falkowitz were killed last night in an automobile accident in Jericho, New York. The pair were passengers in a car with two other teenagers when they were hit by a pickup truck apparently driving in the wrong direction. The driver was arraigned today on several charges, including driving while intoxicated, and is being held without bail.

Hassenbein, a blue chip at Tennis Recruiting Network who, recently competed in the Easter Bowl 14s, was selected to assist in the coin toss at the 2021 US Open men's final. According to this Long Island News 12 article, the boys were returning from playing a high school tennis match when their car was struck. The other two boys, who have not been identified, are hospitalized. 

For additional reports on the accident, see this WABC article, this CBS News article, and this WNBC article.

There are no words that feel appropriate in the face of a tragedy like this. With the junior tennis community still reeling from the recent death from brain cancer of 16-year-old David Filer, the pain of senseless loss just intensifies in the face of this devastating accident.