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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving! Draws Posted for USTA National Indoor Championships, Beginning Friday at Eight Sites Across the Country

photo by Joseph Gonzalez, via unsplash

As is customary for me, I will be taking Thursday off for Thanksgiving, so I want to use tonight's post to wish everyone a happy holiday. Thanks for reading Zootennis, and I'll be back on Friday with updates on the JA going on this week in Merida Mexico, and the qualifying tournaments at the Eddie Herr.

The USTA National Indoor Championships are returning after a year's absence, with matches beginning Friday at eight sites--one for each age group and gender. 

Below are the top eight seeds in each division; the 64-player draws mean two singles matches a day on Friday and Sunday, with the finals scheduled for Monday.

B12s, Pendleton IN

1. Colin McPeek
2. Michael Antonius
3. Izyan Ahmad
4. Erik Schinnerer
5. Mateo Pouso
6. Anish Poojari
7. Akshay Mirmira
8. Safir Azam

G12s, Manchester MA

1. Sydney Barnhart
2. Nancy Lee
3. Sophie Suh
4. Ellery Mendell
5. Carrie-Ann Ho
6. Reagan Levine
7. Aubrey Meis
8. Anjani Vickneswaran

1. Nicholas Patrick
2. Ronit Karki
3. Dominick Mosejczuk
4. Evan Sharygin
5. Zachary Cohen
6. Roman Sancilio
7. Jon Gamble
8. Andre Alcantara

1. Laima Frosch
2. Capucine Jauffret
3. Emerey Gross
4. Leena Friedman
5. Olivia Cutone
6. Addison Lanton
7. Calla McGill
8. Paige Wygodzki

1. Kaveh Brian Taheri
2. Aaron Sandler
3. William Hseih
4, Kase Schinnerer
5. Declan Galligan
6. Noah McDonald
7. Rahul Sachdev
8. Carson Baker

1. Amber Yin
2. Saray Yli-piipari
3. Jessica Bernales
4. Ava Bruno
5. Elena Daskalova
6. Angela Huang
7. Clara Zou
8. Victoria Zhao

1. Alexander Visser
2. Marko Mesarovic
3. Grant Lothringer
4. Chad Miller
5. Vignesh Gogineni
6. Connor Smillie
7. Eric Li
8. Jason Shuler

1. Kaitlyn Carnicella
2. Theadora Rabman
3. Charlotte Owensby
4. Maddy Zampardo
5. Alice Xu
6. Vivian Miller
7. Stephanie Yakoff
8. Reese Miller