Tuesday, October 13, 2020

ITA Tour Fall Circuit Week 4 Winners; ITA Cup for NAIA Division Begins Friday in Georgia; Entries Close Thursday for UTR $10K in Vero Beach

Week Four of the ITA Tour Fall Circuit by UTR is in the books, although rain kept several tournaments from finishing and a week that once had 24 tournaments scheduled resulted in only 15 taking place. The tournament in Lawrenceville Georgia was canceled due to rain, with refunds issued, and the tournaments in Belmont NC and Williamsburg VA do not look to have finished. The ITA Oracle Masters last weekend was also considered a part of the Fall Circuit. The ITA provides its look at Week Four here. Registration for Weeks Six and beyond is available through links on the ITA Fall Circuit home page.

Week Four Fall Circuit champions:

Logan: Men, Chase Stoner; Women, Renata Lombera
Lakeland: Men, Joe Herin; Women, Kida Ferrari
Lexington: Men, Mathew Krusling; Women, Emma Navarro
Lowell: Men, Zeke Clark; Women, Eleanor Coleman
San Diego: Men, Brandon Holt; Women, Eryn Cayetano
Des Moines: Men, Oliver Okonkwo; Women, Darinka Stepan
Tucson: Men, Wade Heerboth; Women, Nikita Vishwase
Minneapolis: Men, Gavin Young
St. Louis: Men, Ethan Hillis; Women, Aran Teixido Garcia
Waco: Men, Charles Broom; Women, Siri Kongara
Ypsilanti: Men, Galen Mast; Women, Marharita-Sophia Tavpash
Chicago: Men, Tristan McCormick; Women, Karina Miller

The ITA Cup, which traditionally includes Division II, Division III, NAIA and Junior College players, is confined to NAIA players this year due to the pandemic, but it is happening this weekend in Rome Georgia. The top women's seed is Georgia Gwinett's Maria Genovese, known as Maria Shishkina during her junior career, and the top men's seed is also from Georgia Gwinett: Federico Bonacia. The ITA provides a detailed look at the top four seeds, and also highlights doubles in its preview. I believe this is the first ITA event since the shutdown this spring that has featured doubles play.

While the USTA Pro Circuit's men's events don't resume until the week of October 26th with a $25,000 tournament in Harlingen Texas, the Vero Beach UTR event, which has been a Pro Circuit tournament in the past, is taking place next week with a $10,000 prize pool. Entries for the tournament, which provides $3000 to the singles champion, close on Thursday October 15th. For more on the tournament, see its UTR page.