Saturday, June 6, 2020

Nahimana Signs with NC State; Cobra's Departure Leaves Fresno State Women's Position Open; Browne Leaves Cal After 13 Years; More D-I News

It has been a couple of weeks since I've updated what's going on in the world of college recruiting, although there has unfortunately been a lot of bad news to report on a regular basis, with so many programs being dropped.
In women's Division I tennis news, Sada Nahimana of Burundi, who reached No. 12 in the ITF Junior World rankings in her final year of juniors in 2019, will be joining the North Carolina State Wolfpack this fall. The 19-year-old, who reached the final of the Grade A in Milan on clay last spring, won the ITF Grade 1 in Nottingham on grass last summer. 

After one year heading the women's program at Fresno State, Mariana Cobra has resigned. 

Marquette's Fleur Eggink has signed with Colorado as a graduate transfer.

Wake Forest's Mary Caroline Meredith has signed with Tulane as a graduate transfer. 

Daira Cardenas of Mexico has signed with Rutgers.

Utah is welcoming back senior Whitney Hekking for a fifth season.

And the University of Florida has posted an article on rising senior McCartney Kessler's third place finish at the round robin competition held last month in Peachtree City Georgia.

In men's Division I tennis news, Tyler Browne, who has been associate head coach at Cal for 13 years, is leaving to take the position Director of Racquet Sports at the Orinda Country Club.

Clemson head coach Robbie Weiss has promoted assistant Matt Walters to associate head coach. 

Dartmouth's incoming freshman class was announced, with Logan Chang, Andy Ilie and Great Britain's Daniel Webb joining the Big Green.

Duke graduate Ryan Dickerson, who was at Baylor last year as a graduate student, will return for another season. Senior Constantin Frantzen will also play for the Bears an additional year in 2020-21.

Andreja Petrovic is transferring to Florida State after one year at North Dakota.

Tate Sandman has signed with Kentucky.

The three players making up Yale's incoming freshman class are all from California: Theo Dean, Shervin Dehmoubed and Renaud Lefevre.


Karen Markus said...

I look at the number of foreign players on college teams from another viewpoint. Look what happens when there are no restrictions and a level playing field. College coaches choose players who help them win with no bias.

The USTA kids in most cases have the best training, best equipment. Yet when it comes time for coaches to recruit, the foreign kids are superior. That is why college rosters are mostly kids from outside the US.

Same with US junior tennis in general. African Americans dominate all the movement sports, except tennis. Do we really think if all American kids played tennis on a remotely equal basis that the USTA standings would look like they do, mostly white kids? Who won all the Grand Slams for America the past 15 years? Serena, Venus, Sloane. Point made.

In light of the protests and current events, imagine if all playing fields were as level as college tennis. Do we really think almost all Senators should be older white guys? Almost all large companies led by white guys? How come in tests at school girls outperform the boys yet when it comes time for top corporate or political positions its mostly white males? How come Asian and Indian Americans consistently outperform in every spelling bee, investment contests, and science fairs yet they seldom lead the Fortune 500 companies?

I have a feeling if all playing fields were as level as college tennis than American politics and business would look very different.