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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Top Seeds Eala and Damm Highlight Monday's Opening Day at Eddie Herr ITF; Eleven Americans Qualify Sunday; 12s, 14s and 16s Divisions Begin Play Monday; USA Wins Ninth Master'U International Collegiate Competition

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Bradenton FL--

Forty-eight of the 64 first round singles matches are on Monday's opening day schedule at the ITF Grade 1 Eddie Herr Championships at IMG Academy. With ITF World No. 1 junior Diane Parry of France withdrawing late, 12th-ranked Alexandra Eala of the Philippines is the top girls seed, and the boys top seed is Bradenton resident Martin Damm, No. 5 in the ITF World Junior rankings.

Eala is unfortunately playing over at the Academy Park courts, where there is almost no viewing, but I may check out those courts anyway, with one of the most intriguing first round matches on the schedule pitting two wild cards: 15-year-old Chelsea Fontenel of Switzerland and 13-year-old Clervie Ngounoue of the United States.

For the second year in a row, even qualifiers who played two matches today play again Monday, including all eight of the boys who won both their matches today. The two girls who didn't play two matches on Saturday, but won twice today, Americans Rachel Gailis and Kimmi Hance, are not on Monday's schedule.

With singles finals matches at the Grade A in Mexico going so late tonight, those players obviously can't play here on Monday.

In today's qualifying, several final round matches came down to the super tiebreaker played now in lieu of a third set. JJ Tracy[4] survived against No. 12 seed Francisco Llanes of Uruguay 2-6, 6-3, 14-12, and unseeded Billy Suarez saved five match points in his 6-3, 3-6, 15-13 decision over No. 3 seed Hunter Heck.

Suarez, a high school senior who has signed with Tulane for 2020, started out the day with a 6-4, 3-6, 10-6 win over No. 16 Daniel Ibragimov of Russia, giving him confidence for the afternoon match with Heck.

"I haven’t really played any qualifying rounds in ITFs lately, so I haven’t played any superbreakers in a while, but I was happy I got to a play one earlier just so I could get the feeling again," said the 17-year-old from New York.

Suarez also needed to work out the change of surfaces, because his training is primarily on fast indoor hard courts.

"My first match was a little shaky, I’m still getting used to the conditions," Suarez said.  "I train on really fast indoor hard courts at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy. So I’ve been working on playing as aggressively as possible, because that’s what I do best. So on this surface, not only a clay court, but a slow clay court, the balls get really fluffy and I can’t really hit through them. I’m happy I got through my first match and I definitely played really well, in both matches, today. I adjusted when I needed to adjust and it worked out."

Although they hadn't played in a long time, Suarez knew enough about Heck's game to formulate a strategy.

"I haven’t played Hunter since I want to say I was 12 or 13, so it’s been a while," Suarez said. "I know how Hunter plays, he likes to hit the ball really hard, so I was trying not to get into those exchanges where he would just tee off on everything."

In those crucial moments down match point, Suarez told himself to  concentrate on staying with his game plan.

"I was trying not to focus on the score, just to play the point like it was any other score; make sure I make every ball in those tense moments."

A frustrated Heck took his anger out on his racquet after the 26th point of the tiebreaker, and when he finished, the frame was at right angles to the handle.

Other American boys advancing to the main draw were two wild cards: Luke Casper and Logan Zapp, along with No. 11 seed Max McKennon and No. 14 seed Daniel Milavsky.

The American girls who made it through qualifying, in addition to Gailis and Hance, are Fiona Crawley, Sofia Rojas[2] and Elise Wagle[14]. Victoria Hu, who lost to Crawley 6-4, 6-2 in the final round of qualifying, made the main draw as a lucky loser.

One of the announced wild cards, Isabella Kruger(RSA), did not accept and her wild card was given to Cora Barber of Germany.

Girls ITF seeds:
1. Alexandra Eala(PHI)
2. Linda Fruhvirtova(CZE)
3. Alexandra Yepifanova(USA)
4. Melodie Collard(CAN)
5. Dayeon Back(KOR)
6. Maria Timofeeva(RUS)
7. Savannah Broadus(USA)
8. Kristyna Lavickova(CZE)
9. Darja Semenistaja(LAT)
10. Yeon Woo Ku(KOR)
11. Mara Guth(GER)
12. Giulia Morlet(FRA)
13. Ziva Falkner(SLO)
14. Ana Geller(ARG)
15. Diana Shnaider(RUS)
16. Jada Bui(CAN)

Boys ITF seeds:
1. Martin Damm(USA)
2. Thiago Tirante(ARG)
3. Shunsuke Mitsui(JPN)
4. Pedro Vives Marcos(ESP) [seeding based on ATP ranking of 589]
5. Jeffrey Von der Schulenburg(SUI)
6. Arthur Cazaux(FRA)
7. Eliakim Doulibaly(CIV)
8. Timo Legout(FRA)
9. Felix Gill(GBR)
10. Arthur Fery(GBR)
11. Lukas Neumayer(AUT)
12. Martin Krumich(CZE)
13. Mikolaj Lorens(POL)
14. Elmer Moller(DEN)
15. Sebastian Gima(ROU)
16. Sebastian Nothhaft(HKG)

Below are the Top 8 seeds in the 12s, 14s and 16s divisions. See the TennisLink site for complete draws.

Boys 16s:
1. Marko Andrejic(AUT)
2. Jack Anthrop(USA)
3. Adit Sinha(USA)
4. Azuma Visaya(USA)
5. Louis Cloud(USA)
6. Ozan Colak(USA)
7. Gabrielius Guzauskas(USA)
8. Gonzalo Bueno(PER)

Girls 16s:
1. Vivian Ovrootsky(USA)
2. Emma Charney(USA)
3. Sarah Hamner(USA)
4. Midori Castillo(USA)
5. Lan Mi(CHN)
6. Ava Krug(USA)
7. Qavia Lopez(USA)
8. Ashlyn Krueger(USA)

Boys 14s:
1. Mihai Alexandru Coman(ROU)
2. Sean Daryabeigi(USA)
3. Josue Guzman(PER)
4. Juan Carlos Prod(BOL)
5. Andrew Delgado(USA)
6. Robert Zhang(USA)
7. Kaylan Bigun(USA)
8. Majun Li(CHN)

Girls 14s:
1. Kayla Cross(CAN)
2. Brooklyn Olson(USA)
3. Nikola Dabunerova(SLO)
4. Priya Nelson(USA)
5. Alexia Harmon(USA)
6. Aya El Aouni(MAR)
7. Daria Zykova(RUS)
8. Karsyn Evans(USA)

Boys 12s:
1. Alejandro Arcila(COL)
2. Changmin Ryu(KOR)
3. Maxwell Exsted(USA)
4. Manas Dhamne(IND)
5. Yubel Ubri(USA)
6. Se Hyuk Cho(KOR)
7. Timofei Derepasko(RUS)
8. Yoshka Sborowsky(FRA)

Girls 12s:
1. Mirra Andreeva(RUS)
2. Alina Korneeva(RUS)
3. Bella Payne(USA)
4. Brooke Wrigley(USA)
5. Yifei Huang(CHN)
6. Mariia Masiianskaia(RUS)
7. Eva Oxford(USA)
8. Sasha Kilgour(USA)
The team representing the United States in the annual Master'U BNP Paribas World University competition won its ninth title today, beating Great Britain 4-1 in the final. Below are the results from today's final. For more on the US team's stay in France, see the blogs from coach Greg Patton at usta.com.

USA 4, Great Britain 1
Women's #2  Singles: Alexa Graham (USA) def. Ella Taylor (GBR), 6-2, 7-5
Men's #2 Singles: Dan Little (GBR) def. Keegan Smith (USA), 7-6, 6-2
Women's #1 Singles: Michaela Gordon (USA) def. Emily Arbuthnott (GBR), 6-3, 5-7, 6-1
Men's #1 Singles: Aleks Kovacevic (USA) def. Ben Jones (GBR), 6-3, 6-2
Men's Doubles: Aleks Kovacevic/Keegan Smith (USA) def. Jones/Little (GBR), 6-1, 6-2


Clark Coleman said...

ITF decided to redo their whole web site. I cannot find Eddie Herr draws anywhere on the new disaster of a site. The link you posted does not work. USTA has a good page, but draws do not include 18's, only 16's and younger. Isn't there an 18's division?

Brent said...

Yes, there is an 18s and it appears to only be available on the ITF website. Remarkable that they would choose to go through a transition right during one of their most important tournaments. Web design looks like a clean, considerable upgrade but worthless without the data. Brutal.

Manny said...

The new itf is totally a mess. Proof that the itf doesn’t care or does not have the right people in development. Multiple steps to get nowhere. Who can you complain to? As if they want to hear.

ITF’s Objective said...

ITF..... your latest attempt to upgrade your Webpage... missed the mark... it makes a fan want to go to SofaScores or Tennis Explorer to get scores and results... or is that what you intended🤔 Ref: Gambling Sites

Jon King said...

Agree, the new ITF site is brutally bad. You used to be able to search Google for "Last Name ITF" and instantly pull up a players page, with all the information right there. Now you have to take several steps, then to see player activity, find the barely visible bar and click it.

College Fan said...

Agree about the ITF page. Check out the pro circuit page. You can no longer see the entire draw. You have to click through each round to find results one round at a time. For example, if I want to see the results of this week’s event, it’s 5-6 clicks instead of one click for an entire draw. I don’t expect to use this page as much going forward.