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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Why Have American Women Had More Success Than American Men?; ITF Grade 1 College Park Videos, Photo Gallery

When I was in New York for the US Open, I had an opportunity to talk with ESPN tennis writer Peter Bodo about a question that has been popping up in discussions I've had lately with many people in the tennis community. Why are the US women having more success than the US men when it comes to contending for tour and grand slam titles?  It's a complex question without a right answer, but I offered Bodo some of my observations from what I've seen over the past dozen years and several of them made it into this article. USTA head of women's tennis Kathy Rinaldi and General Manager of Player Development Martin Blackman also provide some thoughts, as do Patrick Mouratoglou and Timea Babos.

I didn't have a chance to feature the videos from the ITF Grade 1 in College Park before the US Open, which I usually do, so they can be found below.

For photos of all 16 singles quarterfinalists, see this gallery over at Tennis Recruiting Network.


Nancy Kingman said...

USTA player development has nothing to do with the development of the players that make it. Every single one of them had either dad coach or private coaches. Some players will use the facilities In Orlando, especially red clay. And they want the wildcards the USTA can provide. But all the top girls and women's parents do not let USTA coaches anywhere near their players if they can help it. Its talked about all the time among parents of elite players, smile and be polite when the USTA coaches try to make suggestions, but only really listen to your own coach. And that also goes for Kathy Rinaldi, the girls are polite to her but know full well to only do what their private coaches or dad coach instruct them to do. Sorry Martin, you are a nice guy but your coaches have zero to do with the actual development of the players. In fact most parents say their kids succeed despite the USTA since the tournaments are so full of cheating and you do nothing to address that at all.