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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Tracking NLI Signing Announcements; ATP's New York Open Holds Wild Card Tournament This Weekend for College Players

Trying to track all the college National Letter of Intent signings released this week is a time consuming, but it's worth the effort to read about one of the most significant decisions of a young tennis player's life. Below are some of the releases I've collected over the past two days; I have seen other mentions on twitter, but I'm waiting until there is a release posted on the school's athletic website. If a country is not noted below, the player is from the United States.

Alabama has signed Avi Shugar.
Auburn has signed Spencer Gray.
Florida has signed Blaise Bicknell and Will Grant.
Louisville has signed Daniel Fainblum of Canada.
Nebraska has signed Andre Saleh.
North Carolina State has signed Yannai Barkai of Israel, who is starting in January.
Rice has signed Campbell Salmon of Australia, who is starting in January.
SMU has signed Huntley Allen, Juan Bianchi, Kyle Pham, Jordi Redelijk,  Eddie Ross and Kyle Sillman.
South Carolina has signed Phillip Jordan and Connor Thomson of Scotland.
Texas has signed Jacob Bullard, Evin McDonald, Eshan Talluri and Siem Woldeab. Cleeve Harper of Canada is starting in January.
Texas A&M has signed Pierce Rollins.
Wisconsin has signed Scott Sculley, Gabriel Huber of Austria and Robin Parts of Estonia.

Alabama has signed Isabella Harvison.
Arizona has signed Kayla Wilkins.
Baylor has signed Melany Krywoj of Argentina and Alicia Herrero Linana of Spain. They will both start in January.
Creighton has signed Emma Gener and Kate Krueger.
Florida has signed Anastasia Kharitonova of Russia, who will start in January.
Georgia Tech has signed Gia Cohen.
Louisville has signed Chloe Hamlin.
LSU has signed Maggie Cubitt and Safiya Carrington.
Maryland has signed Ayana Akli.
Michigan has signed Andrea Cerdan and Nicole Hammond.
Nebraska has signed Chloe and Ellie Kuckelman.
Ohio State has signed Irina Cantos of Germany.
Texas Tech has signed Violet Apisah of Papua New Guinea and Margarita Skriabina of Russia.
Tulane has signed Mackenzie Clark and Lahari Yelamanchili.
UCLA has signed Alexandra Vagramov of Canada, Abigail Forbes and Taylor Johnson. Johnson will start in January.
Washington has signed Zoey Weil and Ashley Chang of Canada.

In other college news, the ATP's New York Open, which made its debut this past February and will return February 9-17 in 2019, is having a wild card tournament for current college players in the New York area this weekend at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows.  Cornell sophomore Alafia Ayeni, who won his first Futures title this summer and reached the second round of the Champaign Challenger this week, is the top seed in the 32-player competition. The winner will receive a main draw wild card into the ATP 250 event.

The seeds, based on UTR:
1. Alafia Ayeni, Cornell
2. Jack Mingjie Lin, Columbia
3. William Matheson, Columbia
4. Ryan Seggerman, Princeton
5. David Wolfson, Cornell
6. Karl Poling, Princeton
7. Lev Kazakov, Cornell
8. Austen Huang, Columbia

The tournament begins Friday morning, with a second match in the afternoon. The format does not stipulate whether it's no-ad or regular scoring, but it does say that a match tiebreaker will be used in lieu of a full third set.  The draw can be found at the TennisLink site.