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Thursday, December 28, 2017

More Seeds Fall at USTA Winter Nationals; WTA Tennis Returns with Brisbane Qualifying; ITF Grade 1 Coffee Bowl Acceptances

Day two is complete at the USTA Winter Nationals, and as with Wednesday's first round, many top 16 seeds did not advance, although all No. 1 seeds have reached the first round. Two more No. 2 seeds were eliminated, with Max Fardanesh, the No. 2 seed in the boys 14s, losing to Will Mayew 7-6(3), 6-2 and Madeleine Jessup, the No. 2 seed in the girls 12s, falling to Emily Novikov 6-7(5), 6-3, 6-4.

Girls 16s No. 3 seed Lauren Anzalotta lost to Perene Wang 6-4, 6-3, and Noah Schachter, who probably should have been seeded, beat boys 18s No. 7 seed Mason Meier 6-2, 6-1.  Fifteen-year-old Ava Hrastar defeated girls 18s No. 4 seed Sonia Tartakovsky 6-2, 6-4.

Complete draws for the 12s and 14s in Tucson can be found at the TennisLink site.  The 16s and 18s draws are here.  Live streaming via Playsight is available for 16s and 18s in Lake Nona here.

1. Nicholas Mangiapane
2. Andrew Salu
3. Quang Duong
4. Adam Sun
5. Piotr Andrzejewski
6. Stefan Regalia
7. Rudy Quan
8. Alexander Frusina
9. Kaylan Bigun
10. Humza Noor
11. Meethre Barot
12. Kai Mills
13. Lucas Coriaty
14. Tygen Goldammer (out 2nd rd)
15. Carson Baker
16. Nicolas Trullenque

1. Noelle Andrey Ampong
2. Max Fardanesh (out 2nd rd)
3. Samir Banerjee
4. Ozan Colak
5. Eli Gordon
6. Daniel Schmelka
7. Hudson Beaudoin
8. Louis Cloud
9. Azuma Visaya
10. Vignesh Gogineni
11. Benjamin Zhou
12. Kian Vakili
13. Jiaxi Ma
14. Brian Chong
15. Phillip Deaton (out 2nd rd)
16. Kurt Miller

1. Maxwell McKennon
2. Welsh Hotard (withdrew)
3. Spencer Brachman (out 1st rd)
4. Saiprakash Goli
5. Hunter Heck (out 2nd rd)
6. Harsh Parikh
7. Alexander Petrov
8. Keshav Chopra
9. Logan Zapp
10. Matthew Robinson (out 1st rd)
11. Aditya Gupta
12. Joshua Raab (out 2nd rd)
13. Jeremie Casabon
14. Matthew Mu (out 1st rd)
15. Daniel Sharygin
16. Redd Owen

1. Carson Haskins
2. Bill Duo
3. Kevin Zhu
4. Jared Pratt
5. Ryan Goetz
6. Britton Johnston
7. Mason Meier (out 2nd rd)
8. A. Trice Pickens
9. William Peters
10. Nevin Arimilli (withdrew)
11. Daniel Pellerito (out 2nd rd)
12. Bradley Frye
13. Michael Sun
14. Marcus Ferreira
15. Patrick Maloney
16. Christian Alshon

1. Stephanie Yakoff
2. Madeleine Jessup (out 2nd rd)
3. Brooklyn Olson
4. Elisabeth Dunac (out 1st rd)
5. Mika Ikemori
6. Sage Loudon (out 2nd rd)
7. Kinaa Graham
8. Susanna Maltby
9. Ariel Madatali
10. Theadora Rabman
11. Emmi Kolyszko (out 2nd rd)
12. Meg McCarty
13. Isabella Marquart (out 2nd rd)
14. Catherine Walker
15. Isabella Chhiv
16. Anna Nguyen

1. Daria Smetannikov
2. Elisabeth Jones
3. Liv Hovde
4. MiaAngelina Ruja (out 2nd rd)
5. Gracie Epps (out 1st rd)
6. Caroline Wernli
7. Priya Nelson
8. Kayla Meraz
9. Rylie Hanford
10. Anushka Khune
11. Lauren Rha (out 1st rd)
12. Helena Huff (out 1st rd)
13. Julia DeLuca (out 1st rd)
14. Tomi Main
15. Sanjana Tallamraju (out 2nd rd)
16. Sydney Sharma

1. Gianni Pielet
2. Julia Andreach
3. Lauren Anzalotta (out 2nd rd)
4. Anessa Lee (out 1st rd)
5. Chidimma Okpara
6. Lana Mavor (out 1st rd)
7. Maryam Ahmad
8. Eryn Cayetano
9. Valencia Xu
10. Rosie Garcia Gross
11. Carmen Corley
12. Kiana Graham (out 1st rd)
13. Katja Wiersholm
14. Yolanda Lin (out 2nd rd)
15. Sydney Fitch
16. Eleanor Schulson

1. Chelsea Kung
2. Michelle Sorokko (out 1st rd)
3. Sophie Graver
4. Sonia Tartakovsky (out 2nd rd)
5. Reilly Tran
6. Alana Wolfberg
7. Anika Yarlagadda
8. Briana Crowley
9. Kolie Allen
10. Melissa Sakar
11. Sophia Hatton (out 2nd rd)
12. Josie Frazier (out 2nd rd)
13. Ivana Corley
14. Emma Jackson
15. Dasha Kourkina
16. Angelica Blake

The WTA's 2018 season has begun tonight, with qualifying for the Brisbane tournament underway.  Kristie Ahn[8] is the first American winner of 2018, with the former Stanford star defeating Antonia Lottner of Germany 7-5, 6-1.  Also in qualifying tonight are Americans Kayla Day, Julia Boserup, Jennifer Brady[2], Danielle Lao, Bernarda Pera and Irina Falconi and Caroline Dolehide, who play each other.

The Coffee Bowl, the ITF Grade 1 tournament in Costa Rica, is nearly two weeks later next month than it was this past January, and that will present a problem for several players, as it is the same week as the ITF Grade 1 in Traralgon Australia.  Most players don't play both even when Costa Rica is earlier in the schedule, but the top players in the boys draw, Juan Cerundolo and Thiago Tirante of Argentina and Drew Baird and Trey Hilderbrand of the US, are entered in both, and will have to make a decision which they will play by next Tuesday's withdrawal deadline.  Nicole Mossmer, who has moved into the main draw at the Australian Open Junior Championships (as has Peyton Stearns), is also entered in both events.   Stearns has withdrawn from Costa Rica, as has Dalayna Hewitt, who is just three spots out of the Australian Open main draw and is in the main draw in Traralgon.