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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Seeds, Draws for USTA 12s, 14s, 16s and 18s Winter National Championships

The seeds and draws have been posted for the USTA Winter Nationals, which begin on Sunday, December 27.

Boys 18s top seed William Genesen is back to defend his title in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the boys and girls 16s and 18s division are played.  The TennisLink site for those two age divisions is here.

The top eight seeds in the 16s and 18s divisions:

Boys 18s
1. William Genesen
2. Connor Hance
3. Jacob Brumm
4. Richard Ciamarra
5. Alexander Brown
6. Casey Ross
7. Adam Ambrozy
8. Austen Huang

Boys 16s
1. Carson Haskins
2. Danny Thomas
3. Kevin Zhu
4. Trey Hilderbrand
5. Robert Maciag
6. Christian Alshon
7. Zummy Bauer
8. A.Trice Pickens

Girls 18s
1. Ena Shibahara
2. Rebecca Weissman
3. Emma Higuchi
4. Samantha Martinelli
5. Priya Niezgoda
6. Camille Favero
7. Janice Shin
8. Savannah Slaysman

Girls 16s
1. Sara Choy
2. Hannah Zhao
3. Chelsea Kung
4. Rachel Eason
5. Abigail Forbes
6. Alessandra Bianco
7. Sophia Edwards
8. Carolyn Campana

The 12s and 14s divisions play in Tucson, Arizona.  The Tennis Link site for draws, results and the full list of seeds in those divisions is here. The top eight seeds in the 12s and 14s divisions:

Boys 14s 
1. Stefan Leustian
2. Hunter Heck
3. Harry Yang
4. Spencer Brachman
5. Andrew Dale
6. Connor Nisbet
7. Connor Fu
8. Keshav Chopra

Boys 12s
1. Samuel Landau
2. Phillip Deaton
3. Nishesh Basavareddy
4. Samir Banerjee
5. Eli Gordon
6. Alan Jesudason
7. Phillip Dell
8. Andrew Chang

Girls 14s
1. Katie Volynets
2. Jillian Taggart
3. Mae Fmar Canete
4. Gabriella Price
5. Amy Huang
6. Carmen Corley
7. Gianna Pielet
8. Zoey Weil

Girls 12s
1. Nikki Yanez
2. Katrina Scott
3. Christine Inah Canete
4. Bridget Stammel
5. Yuu Ishikawa
6. Zoe Hammond
7. Robin Montgomery
8. Madison Sieg