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Friday, December 26, 2014

USTA Winter Nationals Seeds and Draws

The USTA Winter Nationals begin Saturday morning in Arizona, with Scottsdale (16s and 18s) and Tucson (12s and 14s) serving as the host cities again this  year.  The top eight seeds in each division are listed below.  The draws can be found at the TennisLink site, with the 16s and 18s here, and the 12s and 14s here.

1. Jacob Hansen
2. Spencer Furman
3. Eric Rutledge
4. Robert Seby
5. Cameron Klinger
6. Korey Lovett
7. Gianni Ross
8. William Genesen

1. Jessie Aney
2. Kelly Chen
3. Melissa Lord
4. Star Makarome
5. Sara Daavettila
6. Rebecca Weissmann
7. Bianca Moldovan

8. Ellie Douglas

1. Jacob Brumm
2. JJ Wolf
3. Jake Van Emburgh
4. Timothy Sah
5. Jason Lui
6. Michael Zhao
7. Payton Holden
8. Caleb Chakravarthi

1. Grace Joyce
2. Morgan Coppoc
3. Isabella Lorenzini
4. Chiara Lommer
5. Kalani Soli
6. Samantha Martinelli
7. Riley McQuaid
8. Carson Branstine

1. Brandon Nakashima
2. Kevin Zhu
3. Govind Nanda
4. Jesse Wikso
5. Joshua Xu
6. Jenson Brooksby
7. Nathan Han
8. Jake Sands

1. Marlee Zein
2. Maggie Cubitt
3. Sara Tsukamoto
4. Sara Choy
5. Samantha Gillas
6. Katie Volynets
7. Alexa Noel
8. Sedona Gallagher

1. Aidan Mayo
2. Billy Suarez
3. Benjamin Kittay
4. Niroop Vallabhaneni
5. Peter Murphy
6. Sam Feldman
7. Gavin Young
8. Saiprskash Goli

1. Gabriella Price
2. Charlotte Owensby
3. Mae Fmar Canete
4. Gianna Pielet
5. Olivia McIntosh-Adams
6. Savannah Broadus
7. Avery Durham
8. Kenadee Semenik


Tennisforlife said...

Colette. Do you know or could you find out if the WC's were all distributed and if so who received them.

Florida Tennis Mom said...

This has to be by far the worst check in at a tournament I have experienced! How could they be so disorganized at Winter Nationals? There are two elderly people checking in players and at 9:00 a.m. they have only one quarter of the players checked in. Also, I see that there are only single sticks on the first six courts. This is totally unacceptable!

Sue said...

To Florida Tennis Mom,

The two elderly women are volunteers giving up holiday family time! A thanks would be nice for folks that work for free.

Get a grip said...

Complaining about elderly doing check in at a tournament? Wonder why people think tennis parents are out of their mind control freaks? I imagine a parent that can be seen carrying their kid's tennis bag. And it is never the parents of the good players that behave this way, it is always the wannabees. If only they would see the correlation.

Florida Tennis Mom said...

Well I guess we got exactly what they paid for by having volunteers! We paid top dollar for playing this tournament, so save the good intentions for the rookie tournaments. How about a commitment to excellence? And you have no idea what you are talking about when you say "it is never the parents of the good players that behave this way"!

Barnie Fife said...

The top ranked players never play Winter Nats for good reasons, the main one being the incompetent volunteers. Someone's making a plethora of cash off the mediocre players.

OddBall said...

"Always with the negative waves, Moriarty…always the negative waves…" go have a fish taco and a beer and relax….hope your child enjoys the tournament

Marty Collins said...

Not a good look tennis community. #spoiled

Wow, just wow said...

Whoops - there it is, the annual Winter Nat slam by someone whose player has never won anything. Because if they did they would know just how hard it is to win any national tournament, especially a level 1, ANY OF THEM. Winter Nats has been a great tournament through the years. Volunteers have nothing to do with a player participating or not. A break from tennis or with family may be reasons for a player to take it off, affording the time or travel when there is an entire family to consider. But don't be so naive, there are great players there and only one girl/boy per age group goes home a winner. Anyone that minimizes winning this is either an insecure fool or unfamiliar with junior tennis. And doing this to the winners (who are kids) is exhibiting a personality disorder, have it checked out. They say the same about Australian Open juniors compared to the others, just crazy. Get over it people, only the best win any big national tournament. And if it is not your player, then have something good to say about those that are playing and winning it, or just go be miserable with yourself. Happy New Year, try to support tennis in 2015.

amazed said...

Show me ONE tennis tournament in the world... for that matter that does not use volunteers! Then tell me how many senior citizens sit on the board of the USTA and are responsible for governing our sport.

What a moronic statement…take your top dollars and go back to Florida!

Alex said...

To wow, just wow: you're really saying Winter Nats is comparable to other national championships? I get that winning this tournament is still a huge deal, but you cannot come close to comparing this to Kzoo or the any other big junior tourneys. Just look at the seeds and that will tell you everything.

Only 3 out of the top 8 seeds in the 18s were seeded at Kzoo, Hansen (18), Klinger (29), Lovett (32).

Give credit where it is due said...

I didn't see Wow say that Winter Nats was just like Kalamazoo. Respecting any of these players that do well at any Level 1 (or any national tournament for that matter) was the message I got, and I concur. And the same for volunteers, be grateful for them, don't dis them. Tennis trash talk is way to prominent. Underlying insecurity or disappointment almost always explains that behavior.

DBHILTZ said...

As a father of two tennis players that have competed in over 50 super nationals, each supernational has its own positive and negative. Yes, KZoo is the best run tournament and has the hardest competition, but the other tournaments have their own challenges. 30 degree mornings at winters, 90 degree days and high humidity and chances of multiple rain delays at Clay Courts as well as for a lot of folks after playing 5 months indoors suddenly playing outside at the Spring Championship. To win a supernational is an accomplishment no matter who you play. It's no easy task.

Unknown said...

Right on to DBHILTZ, I agree that no matter who you play in a national level 1 it is a great accomplishment to come away as the sole champion.

The truth said...


Will you stop posting negative comments on your website or censor some of these comments. I want to let everyone know how little these nationals actually make and what Sally Grabham (the volunteer who makes all of this money) does for tennis. She donates ALL of the proceeds back to grass roots tennis. The tournament after all the expenses only nets 5k because she invests it back into the tournament. So, what she is actually doing is trying to grow the sport! So why don't you report on facts and why do you keep allowing incompetent people post on your website. Your site is actually becoming a place for low life's to spread bad information.

firework said...

To "The truth,"
Yes, that's the attitude. Let's silence everyone who disagrees with us. We wouldn't any opinions that differ from our own floating around now, would we?


Tennis5 said...

First, everyone has valid comments, and Colette should print them all except for the political ones
( I can turn on MSNBC and Fox for that).

Second, the USTA does not fund the junior tournaments, so when you are all complaining about rampant cheating and lack of refs, it is not the TD director's fault. They are operating on a shoe string budget. And a lot of them had to paint their courts with the ten and under lines to keep tournaments when that whole change came around. The real question is why doesn't the USTA chip in some money for refs for Level 2( National Opens), Winter, and Clay NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS.

Third, yes, it is real frustrating when you are waiting an hour to check in at an off site at Winter Nationals, but on the other hand the elderly woman that I met were giving up their Xmas time with out of town family to help out at the tournament, so you can only be grateful to them.
But, again, the question of why the USTA can't chip in any money to run the tournaments more efficiently?

Fourth, Sally does a fabulous job communicating via the home page of the tournament site, and you always know what is going on. I can't say the same about clays in Florida where no info is communicated on rain delays and at 8 am you are sitting in your car at site waiting for the check in person to say that the site is not playable due to the lakes on the courts that you knew were there at 6 am. So Kudos to Sally for a well run tournament, but I do hate the 30 degrees in the am.

Fifth, some national tournament poses their own issues. Winter Nationals is a challenge for the indoor kids transitioning to outdoor, clay is a challenge for everyone who plays on hard ( except the Florida kids), etc. Hard courts is a challenge across the country with the heat. All the kids should just get Congrats.

If the USTA really wants great athletes to play this sport, then they have to fund the tournaments.