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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pepperdine Replaces Snowbound Duke in Men's Team Indoor; Discussion on USTA's New Junior Closed Regionals Rages On

The Duke men's tennis team was unable to travel to Houston to compete in the ITA Men's Team Indoor, which gets underway on Friday. Having just driven through Durham earlier today, where we stopped counting the abandoned cars on I-40 when we got to 50, it's no surprise to me that the Blue Devils were unable to get a flight out the state, which is pretty much blanketed in snow throughout its length and breadth. It is a shame however, with so much great competition coming in the next four days, that they will not be a part of it.

The tournament gets underway Friday at 9 a.m. Central with Florida(12) vs. Ohio State(5) and Illinois(10) vs. Oklahoma(7).  Draws and links to live scoring can be found at the ITA's tournament page.

A few days ago I retweeted a link to Parenting Aces, where Lisa Stone has posted information on the cutoffs for the Closed Regional tournaments this weekend. It's not a pretty picture, and I know Lisa is trying to get more information from Lew Brewer and Andrea Norman on the disparities.  Lisa's post has generated over 100 comments so far, so it's worth your time to read the post and comments for perspective on the change and its implications for the summer's upcoming gold ball events.


Shawn - TN said...

L2 and L4 sign up was very confusing this year. Considering that they are able to advertise carpet for sale on the USTA website, I hope they have the money to add a few more descriptive sentences on how the process works in the future. Very disappointing that they implement this with not enough information.