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Monday, December 16, 2013

Eddie Herr Slideshow and Videos

The Eddie Herr slideshow below, the biggest slideshow of the year, features photos of all the semifinalists in singles and finalists in doubles. Also below are short videos of the champions, except for the girls 12s winner Anastasia Potapova, who won by retirement.I have videos of the 18s finalists, as well as the boys 16s and 14s finalists, that I will post after the holidays, along with those of the Orange Bowl and Junior Orange Bowl finalists. Because of the compressed schedule of these three tournaments this year, the Orange Bowl slideshow and videos will not be posted until later.

My coverage of the Junior Orange Bowl will begin on Tuesday.


Sap said...


Could you write more about Rublev, Tiafoe or Zverev? Their technique or playing style...? I mean there were no streams from Eddie Herr and OB, but you watched them regularly past two weeks. I'm curious, cause those guys are most talented players of their generation...