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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kozlov, Makarova Head ITF B1 Pan American Closed Fields; Clocking College Tennis Matches; Tornado Black Feature; Cincinnati Bids for NCAA Team Tournaments

The acceptances have been posted for next month's ITF Grade B1 Pan American Closed in Tulsa, one of the biggest ITF junior events in held in the United States. I will again be providing live coverage of the event, which begins on October 7th at the beautiful Michael D. Case Tennis Center on the campus of the University of Tulsa.

At the time of acceptance (last week, I believe) only four Top 100 boys, all from the US are in the field: Stefan Kozlov, Spencer Papa, Michael Mmoh and Francis Tiafoe.  The girls field has eight Top 100 players: Christina Makarova, Katrine Steffensen, Michaela Gordon, Renata Zarazua, Usue Arconada, Madison Bourguignon, Rianna Valdes and Dasha Ivanova. All but Zarazua are from the US.

The acceptance list and tournament fact sheet are now available at the ITF Junior website.

I will be providing more on the Division I college tennis format changes later this week, when I receive the final ITA (counter)proposals, but Jeff Sackmann at the Heavy Topspin website provides some hard numbers on match length (on the professional level) and tries to quantify how much time will be saved by the no-ad option, rather than the no-doubles option that the USTA advisory committee has approved for the College Match Days. He also attempts to figure out why college matches take so long, and if it's a statistical problem or a data problem.  We're fortunate Jeff has taken an interest in this, because there's a dearth of true statistical analysis in these discussions.

US Open girls finalist Tornado Alicia Black is featured in this article at ESPN W.

The Lindner Family Tennis Center, home of the Western and Southern Open
And finally, the Cincinnati Business Courier reports that the city is bidding on 12 NCAA championships, including the Division I men's and women's tournaments in 2015, 2017 and 2018. They would be held at the Lindner Family Tennis Center, where the ATP/WTA Western and Southern Open is played every August.  With all the new Division I tennis facilities planned or completed recently, I know there will be plenty of competition for Cincinnati.


Reader said...

Good to read yet another article about a junior tennis player as a predicted future star from birth who is looking for fame and sponsorship via parents. Something new and refreshing

HooSC said...

Do you think there is a difference in average length of match for women's matches vs men's matches? At the NCAA tournament it seemed like more women's matches lasted longer than men's, especially the women's doubles point. Though many of the longer matches were incredibly dramatic and intense. I don't have any facts just my guess. What was your impression from the NCAA tournament?

Also, can you reprint your interview/article with Chuck Kriese where you addressed the singles first and No-Ad issue?

He stated that ITA tried No-Ad and used to have singles first. However, the ITA shunted the No-Ad experiment and clearly the ITA is in favor of doubles, since it has been 20+ years since they made the change to doubles first with few complaints.

I think the NCAA/USTA needs to decide whether they really want to "package" a revised product for TV/fan or have a sport that can prepare players for the next level. I'm not sure how you can have both.

Junior coach said...

Yes. Find money now. Teach the serve later

Colette Lewis said...

Yes, I think there's a difference in match times by gender, but I don't have the numbers to back that up, and I would prefer to have them before I presume I'm correct.
I have never interviewed Kriese, so I'm not sure what article you are referring to.
I agree with your last comment. That's the crux of the issue in Division I college tennis.

College coach said...

There is a third choice, fortunately since the first is not happening and the second will serve about four players in the next six years

How about competition in a great sport for the sake of the sport and simply competing for a college team. have we lost track of the original goal and the reason most play?

How about competing in a great sport and getting an education at the same time? No other reason is needed. Stay focused.

Mike said...

Hoosc maybe you were referring to this interview with chuck Kriese http://classic.tennisrecruiting.net/article.asp?id=1479

AR Hacked Off said...

From what I have seen thru conversations with coaches, they seemed to like N0-AD for doubles and the officials and referees seemed to like it as well, it seemed to shorten the doubles by 10-15 minutes or so. The ITA should have match times in their system as Referees were required to turn in match times and length of matches for singles and doubles portions of dual meets.

Don't screw with the game said...

I think they need to shorten college football games...sheesh...tell all these people they are screwing with a game that most people really do not want changed! My son is a D1 college player, he loves doubles and feels that doubles is what makes it feel like a team sport and loves the comraderie...

HooSC said...

Thanks Mike,

That was the article I was thinking about. Colette, I think you had linked it. I was wrong about interview.

Here is a more in depth article from long time college coach Kriese addressing No-Ad

Texas said...

Having athletic directors help make changes to college tennis is like having each university's head football coach decide what is best for college tennis...very little difference both in spirit and in thinking.

I think the no warm-up with your opponent change would move things along and probably needed to change, but as far as the other changes- why?

Shortening the matches/ format won't bring in any new fans (I can't think how a person who wasn't attending matches would suddenly decide to go because the format changed and shortened the dual time). And it's going to be rare/ non-existent that college tennis is going to be broadcast on TV.

Let us current tennis fans enjoy the game and current format and quit jacking with our sport.