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Friday, December 21, 2012

My Interview with Magnus Norman

I didn't think I would have time to put this together until later this month, but the days between the two Orange Bowls gave me an opportunity to transcribe my Orange Bowl interview with former Swedish star Magnus Norman.  Norman has founded, along with Nicklas Kulti and Mikael Tillstrom, the Good to Great Tennis Academy in Stockholm, and had some interesting answers to my questions about player development, coaching philosophy and the decline in Swedish tennis. Good to Great has also recently begun working with Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria, and Norman addressed the challenges faced by those, like Dimitrov, who are singled out for pro success at an early age.

The entire interview can be found today at the Tennis Recruiting Network. Special thanks to TCU men's coach David Roditi and Junior Tennis Champions Center's Frank Salazar for suggesting I write about Norman's new venture.

Since I spoke with Norman,  Good to Great has announced a partnership with Finland's tennis federation.  Beginning February 1, former USTA National Coach Martin van Daalen will be Finland's head of Player Development, which includes coaching education as well as Finland's Fed Cup and Davis Cup.


Austin said...

When is the post on Levine jumping ship to Canada going to happen so I can go on my biggest rant of all time?

Fisherman said...

As I sit on the Beach in Naples FL, with a Cold Beverage, Jimmy Buffet Tunes, and a Warm Breeze, couple thoughts keep going through my mind...Peace and Goodwill. Happy Holidays Everyone!!