Friday, May 18, 2012

Virginia Blanks Cal to Reach Quarterfinals

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Athens, GA--

For the first time in four years, the Virginia Cavaliers headed to the Sweet 16 without the top seeding.  But as the No. 3 seeds in 2012, the Cavaliers appeared ready for another deep run after a convincing 4-0 win over No. 14 Cal in the third round of the NCAA Division I team championships at the Dan Magill Tennis Center.

Virginia took the doubles point with 8-3 wins at 1 and 3 , and five first sets in singles.  Although Cal fought their way back in several of the matches, Justin Shane made it 2-0 with a win at 5 and Alex Domijan earned the Cavaliers third point with a victory at 2.

"We've been a pretty strong team in doubles all year, but they put us on our heels early," said Cal coach Peter Wright. "We didn't recover from that really in the whole match. That was an area we thought we had a good chance at, and they outplayed us from the start. In singles, I felt our guys battled back pretty well after we got behind early in a lot of the courts.  I'm proud of the way my guys competed today, but tip your hat to Virginia."

Freshman Mitchell Frank clinched the match for the Cavaliers at No. 3, defeating Carlos Cueto 6-4, 6-4 in his first Sweet 16 match in Athens.

"It was fun today, to be able to close it out," said Frank, who is ranked No. 2 in singles nationally. "I think I have a little experience from the National Indoors at home, but it's very exciting to be here, big crowds, it reminds me a lot of Kalamazoo. I'm excited to be playing here and going into the quarterfinals."

Virginia coach Brian Boland believes his team has benefitted from their previous visits to the final four.

"I think we just continue to learn from each time we're here," said Boland, who said his team is suffering from no injuries this year. "I feel really good about this team, they've done some great things. They've stuck together, the leadership has been great with Jarmere and Drew and Phil...I don't think there's been anything different, other than just trying to continue to learn from each time here. We've been here so many times, the final four, and last year in the final, and that was a great match, so we just continue to learn and get better."

#3 VIRGINIA (27-1) def. #14 CALIFORNIA (14-12), 4-0 - Henry Feild Stadium
Head Coaches: Brian Boland (VIRGINIA) and Peter Wright (CALIFORNIA)
1.  #5 Drew Courtney/Jarmere Jenkins (VIRGINIA) vs. #6 Nick Andrews/Christoffer Konigsfeldt (CALIFORNIA), 8-3
2.  Julen Uriguen/Justin Shane (VIRGINIA) vs. #56 Carlos Cueto/Ben McLachlan (CALIFORNIA), 7-3, unfinished
3.  Alex Domijan/Mitchell Frank (VIRGINIA) vs. Gregory Bayane/Andrew Scholnick (CALIFORNIA), 8-3

1.  #4 Jarmere Jenkins (VIRGINIA) vs. #37 Ben McLachlan (CALIFORNIA) , 6-3, 5-6, unfinished
2.  #39 Alex Domijan (VIRGINIA) def. #58 Nick Andrews (CALIFORNIA), 6-1, 6-3
3.  #2 Mitchell Frank (VIRGINIA) def. #70 Carlos Cueto (CALIFORNIA), 6-4, 6-4
4.  Drew Courtney (VIRGINIA) vs. Christoffer Konigsfeldt (CALIFORNIA), 6-2, 4-6, 2-3, unfinished
5.  #82 Justin Shane (VIRGINIA) def. Gregory Bayane (CALIFORNIA), 6-1, 6-3
6.  Julen Uriguen (VIRGINIA) vs. Riki McLachlan (CALIFORNIA), 7-6(7), 2-0, unfinished

Order of Finish
Doubles: 1,3
Singles: 2,5,3*