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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Draws for Napa Valley Tennis Classic; Cal's Cueto Out with Injury

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St. Helena, CA--

After an eight-hour delay in arriving yesterday, which cut short a family visit, we arrived on schedule today at Meadwood in Napa Valley for the Land Rover Napa Valley Classic. Temperatures rose into the mid-90s this afternoon and traffic in St. Helena was bumper-to-bumper, but once we reached the resort, the soothing atmosphere and the abundant shade gradually moved the stress meter lower. The plock of tennis balls from the racquets of the Tennessee and Tulsa players made up the soundtrack, and the players not hitting were on the deck with their computers, studying or entertaining themselves prior to the barbecue later this evening.

Peter Wright, the Cal men's coach who founded the tournament over a decade ago, told me everything was going well in preparation for Friday's 9 a.m. start, with the exception of his own team. Carlos Cueto sprained his ankle yesterday and will not be able to compete. Casey Watt of Notre Dame is now the top seed in the event.

Here is the draw and schedule for the event.


Tennis Curious said...

Colette-do you know how the usta selects the 8 juniors who compete in this event?

Brent said...

Here's predicting the winners of the 8 groups....

1 - Watt
2 - Konigsfeldt
3 - N.Andrews
4 - Halebian
5 - Austin
6 - Mkrtchian
7 - Thompson
8 - Puget

Where is Ryan Lipman and Giron?