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Monday, August 9, 2010

Katie Goepel Profile; Monday Weather Update at Boys Nationals

We dodged the storms in the area on Sunday in Kalamazoo, but it doesn't look like we'll be so fortunate today. Check the twitter feed for more information as the day progresses.

In the meantime, check out the recruiting profile I did on Katie Goepel for the Tennis Recruiting Network.


Tennis Parent said...

Today's poor handling of the rain is just one of many examples demonstrating the flaws of the Kalamazoo tournament from a policy and planning perspective.

The tradition and prestige of the Kalamazoo tournament is undeniable and makes it a great institution. However, in terms of scheduling it has to be one of the worst. Today's posting of their "Rain Plan" instructs players in the B16s back and main draw and B18s main draw what to do but neglects to mention what B18s back draw players should do.

Also, instructing hundreds of players to try to reach the tournament director by phone might be something that was required during 1920's technology when the tournament was founded but we are now in the 21st Century. No one was surprised when they tried to call and the phone line was busy.

The new match times could have been posted on the Internet or the tournament could simply update the status of those matches every hour on the web.

If this were just one incident then I wouldn't have mentioned it but this is the only tournament that I've ever seen in the year 2010 that refuses to give players their match times until often the late afternoon or evening on the day before the match. No one can make eating or warm up plans for the next day until the night before the match which makes things extremely difficult to schedule.

Athens said...

Is Domijan injured or just taking a break? He's not playing anywhere thus week?

work-hard-tennis said...

Tennis Parent, I believe you.

I haven't been to the zoo, but I have been around tennis for a long time, and been to many national and local tournaments. I am still amazed at how much waiting around there is, even when the weather is fine. Now all my tournament director friends will rise and and patronizingly and condescendingly tell me that they have to schedule matches so closely because someone might call in sick, or someone might win quickly 6-0, 6-0. They say, "There will be too many open courts if we schedule more match time." Give me a break. When do you ever see that happen?

Well boys, I don't buy it anymore. Use your computer system to schedule matches with more time for the match. That way, tons of us won't have to sit around waiting for an open court. Plus, lose the patronizing tone because you are the ones who need to change, not my mindset.

tennis said...

to tennis parent, first off, if you were paying attention, the rain hotline was a recorded message so it was never busy. it had the referee saying when to call back. also, when the new match times were set, they were posted. also, the updates were not only through the phone number they were always online. i am not saying the scheduling was good at all, but you are saying they didn't do things that they actually did.

last thing, your child obviously has not played many itf's or you would know that the zoo is ran WAY smoother than any itf in the us, and if we get to talking about orange bowl or eddie herr then dont even begin to complain about the zoo's scheduling.

Tennis Parent said...

Tennis said: "if you were paying attention, the rain hotline was a recorded message so it was never busy. it had the referee saying when to call back."

Tennis. I WAS paying attention. You’re simply arguing semantics when you say that the "hotline" was a recorded message. Whether it was technically designated "the hotline" or not is immaterial; it was the number they told the players to call. That number was busy many times.

We could also talk about how crazy it is for the tournament to regularly have some players playing 2 matches in one day but also simultaneously having other players sit out for the entire day even when there was no rain delay.

But I am glad that you agree that the "scheduling was not good at all."