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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring 18s Nationals Recap, Slideshow, Videos

My article for Tennis Recruiting Network today is a recap of the USTA Spring 18s Nationals in Mobile. Although the weather wasn't great, particularly in the early morning and the evenings, cold always beats rain, and Scott and Lorraine Novak, the tournament directors, are always looking--and finding--ways to improve the tournament. In its sixth year of existence, the tournament is getting a well-deserved reputation for top-notch organization and amenities. I've tried to include some of those in the slideshow below.

By the way, when you are at tennisrecruiting.net, make sure you check out their recent profiles of seniors, which are part of the lead-up to April's signing week.

I'm posting short videos of the singles champions Bjorn Fratangelo and Danielle Collins below. For a video of finalist Robin Anderson, click here. For one of finalist Greg Andrews, click here.

And if you didn't get the chance to watch the daily video reports from the Spring Nationals, professionally produced by Dave "Koz" Kozlowski and Bob Gray, they can be seen at indietennis.com.


joe said...

looks like collins lost the match after watching that video, haha