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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Junior Orange Bowl Slideshow, Videos

Wrapping up the Florida junior swing with a slideshow from the Junior Orange Bowl and videos of the eight finalists. The videos of the 14s champions are below, with links to the other six finalists on YouTube. My Junior Orange Bowl recap for the Tennis Recruiting Network should go up tomorrow.

Francoise Abanda video
Seongchan Hong video
Stefan Kozlov video
Julia O'Loughlin video
Brooke Austin video
Mackenzie McDonald video


Janet Kline said...

I enjoy junior tennis. But it can be its own little world. What I mean is that many of these 'junior stars' are headed for a dead end in their games. For example, I watched Brooke Austin play and see the classic case of a highly successful junior player whose game will not lead to the pro level. I guess if her goal is to play college tennis than her junior record will get her in the door. But after watching lots of top NCAA tennis, her game won't win on that level either. Its just a shame these kids play so many tournaments but don't really develop their game for the long term.

observer said...

I beg to defer with Janet Kline. Her comments sound like the same kind that was made about Melanie Oudin. Brooke Austin already has a huge amount of tennis assets, including, a competitive attitude that has not been seen in an American junior for a long time. At 13 she still is extremely young but performing at all levels. Believe me, her coaches very well know it is a work in progress but the raw material is there.

dlp said...

Janet kline is right. all but one of these players are nothing but retrievers. works great in kids tennis